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The helpful things that I do
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chucksusanandgrace - September 16

Hello gang!!

You all have been so incredibly helpful to encourage me along and to give me great advice. I appreciate it!

Someone had asked for me to share my ideas of what helps me. I would be happy to give my advice :-)

I have seen several Drs, although I have not received an "official" diagnoses with the exception of 11 years ago when a rhuemy told me I had modified but not complete fibromyalgia and nonspecific algia and myalgias. ;=)

Anyway, I have seen a holisitic MD and he found I was deficient in Vitamin D, B1, B12, magnesium and slightly on iron.

1) I now supplement with all of these vitamins and he recommends B12 injections (which I do myself) twice a week. This most definitely helps with the gnawing/numbing sensation that I get. By 4 or 5 days without a B12 I start getting strange symptoms and the B12 absolutely 100% helps me out.

2) H20!! Good old water and a lot of it!! I forgot what my Drs calculation was, but he said 12 glasses a day. I have to admit that I have been really bad on this, but I feel it definitely helps me out for sure.

3) Excercise and SLEEP! An absolute MUST for me. When I get some sort of excercise (even minimal walking) I sleep better. If I don't excercise, I don't sleep well, which compounds all of my problems.

4) Trying to stay grounded and focused in positive things. I try to read the bible as much as I can and that will help to get me out of the emotional pit that I can easily do if I am not careful.

5) Be around people. I am a stay at home Mom and my daughter just went to 1st grade. I volunteer at the school helping out and try to be with friends. I try to laugh,which really helps.

6) Counseling (which I have to get back to). This definitely helps. For me, fibro (well at least I think I have it) really effects my attitude. I am not a depressed person per se, but when you end up having a myriad of symptoms, it is easy to spiral on a downward slope. Counseling can help regain control!

7) Giving myself permission to sometimes just take it easy. I don't always have to do housework or other things...sometimes things can wait so I can rest.

Those are the things that have really helped me most.

The only meds I take are flexeral when I really have difficult sleeping, and motrin/tylenol for my migraines when I get them or the costo pain I get.

I hope this has been helpful to some, because you all have really been most helpful to me.

God Bless,




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