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The final straw
6 Replies
meggie - February 7

Can you remember the day you relised something was very wrong. For myself id been struggling for many years with a wide variety of complaints that didnt seem to add up to anything and blood tests always came back clear. Most often i didnt bother going to the doctors but everyone always seemed more 'alive' than me. I used to wonder how they consistently fitted so much into a day yet still seemed wide awake and enthusiastic. The final straw came after several weeks of really struggling to get out of bed from pain and exhaustion. One day i just woke up, felt that farmiliar throb in my legs and feet and just thought 'i cant do it, i cant get up'. I felt so tired and couldnt cope with the thought of yet another dysfunctional day at work. I phoned in work sick and havent been able to go back since. That was 1 year ago, i dont feel that i gave in to my symptoms, i did my best and i still do.


mandy x - February 11

Hi Meggie,
I have been reflecting on those same thoughts too. I am new to the forum and I have not been diagnosed with fms yet... Like yourself I used to be soo active I bet you could run rings round all the people you know? I know now I am looking at them and wondering how did I get to the stage where to even brush my hair is hard work. Through pain and exhaustion. Meggie it is time to look after yourself and to grieve your losses. What is important now is your health and finding better coping stratagies, maybe if you feel up to it joining a support group? I wish you well ansd remember there is nothing more important right now than you. take care all my best wishes mandy


meggie - February 13

Hi Mandy, thankyou for your warm reply. I think im only just accepting that this 'thing' seems intent on staying with me (dammit to hell) lol. You are right, and i am starting to be kinder to myself. Actually my consultant said it's often those of us that take on a lot of responsibility and are always on the go that seem to get FM. My good wishes to you x


Donna Wilson - February 22

I am new to the forum and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for over 10 years. I have worked very hard to battle the symptoms. I take an antioxident called OPC-3 which helps tremendously. I walk on my treadmill every day, monitor my eating and sleeping habits, and read as much as I can to keep myself informed. Lately, it has been much more of an uphill battle for me and I understand your feelings. Sometimes I get depressed and frustrated that I have to do this for the rest of my life. But, we must keep trying new things and looking for new solutions. If one doctor doesn't help you, try another. Don't give up the fight. Donna


chrissy1303 - February 23

My last straw was when I slept 10 hours one night, had a cup of tea in the morning and while driving to work, I nodded off. It was a scary realization. I realized that although I used to be a Division I college athlete and a very active skier, sailor, excerciser- something has drastically changed in my energy levels. It's all gone now.
I'm coping though. You do what you can.


Patsfan - February 28

I can relate. Sometimes I get so resentful that every choice I make has to be related to my FM. I guess if I accepted that as someone with FM, I am more sensitive to everything and cannot get rid of toxins( therefore have to eat the right foods) Sometimes fighting the fact that I HAVE to do this requires more energy than just doing it. And of course, I feel that people in my life without FM don't understand or are sick of hearing about it. I guess that is why I am on this forum


mtorg1 - February 28

Without my newfound medication in 1995 I was you. I thought I was dying. Not only did I have Fibromyalgia, but I also had ovarian cysts. I just didn't want to move any more and I gained almost 100 pounds and nothing improved. The medication is a lifesaver and I sometimes need a stronger pain med when the winter gets overwhelming like this last month. That helps. My daily med is Nortriptyline and I take 30mg. For increased pain when I lose sleep due to other issues like stress or other I take a Darvocet with a tylenol. I take maybe 2 Darvocet a month. One has to be really careful with pain meds. Hang in there. Don't give up. I'm still active, but the pain can put me in bed daily by 7 or 8 in the winter. I have twin one year olds, and I just pray I can stay on top of it each day. Seems to be working so far. Find a massage thereapist. They will be lifechanging.



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