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The dating game?
9 Replies
kvc33 - February 15

I am curious to know if there are any singles out there who would like to be in a relationship and are struggling to find a way to connect with someone. How does a disabled or chronically ill person find love? Do you just give up on it?


ptalana - February 15

Hi kvc33, while I am a married fibromite I say never give up on finding love. I was thinking about how to meet someone, do you belong to any support groups? I know in my area there are men and women who attend.
This is another obstacle to climb, as if we needed another:(
I will think about this more and if I come up with anything I'll let you know.
Hope this day finds you feeling o.k, Patty


Noca - February 15

I just find ppl like me to date. Those with illnesses too.


Canada17 - February 16

Don't give up but do stop "looking".

Love never finds you when you are looking for it. It always find you when you least expect it. That's one of its charms.

For example: My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks before I met my husband. When we met I kept telling myself that not only did I not want to be in a relationship but I also didn't want a rebound. My husband wasn't looking for anything either but the fates had their way and crossed our stars. We couldn't fight it. When it's right, it's right, there's no sense in fighting it. Now we are happily married with a beautiful little girl.

Just be yourself and get out of the house once in a while. You'll meet someone.

Also remember, if it's "good" with someone and it doesn't work out, that just means that a relationship with the right person will be even better.


Fantod - February 16

There are online dating sites for people who are disabled. Take care.


tnichel - February 18

Yes. Single, sick and lonely. lol. Some of you have heard me gripe about this before. I get down on myself b/c I have virtually no social life due to my work schedule and illnessess. I often wonder what guy would want to date a woman who rarely leaves her house. Sometimes I'll meet someone but not being able to be consistent in what it takes to build a new relationship, usually puts and end to that. Or i feel like I won't be able to deal if it doesn't workout. Mentally and emotionally I am fried, numb. I think I'm gong to consider looking online as many here have mentioned. I'll be 30 next month and I'm so tired of being alone with my thoughts. I mean, I like me but even I get tired of myself. :)


solanadelfina - February 19

I just try and remember that fibro is only one of the cards in my hand, and that EVERYONE comes to a relationship with some kind of baggage. Ours is just a lot more obvious. I still have my sense of humor and love of adventure, my loyalty, my support, and my optimism. If I can find a kind of introverted, delightfully nerdy guy who loves writing and fantasy and deliciously awful puns, who has patience and kindness and is willing to look at the world a little differently, I'll be set. :) And in the meantime, I'll enjoy painting the town red and having adventures as a single.

I think of my little guardian angel couple that comes into the store every so often. The woman has fibro and about sixteen other disorders, can't work, and is one of the sweetest and funniest and life-loving people that I've ever met. Her husband clearly adores her.


feelinghopeless - March 28

I am glad you asked that. I have been divorced for 5 years and have yet to find someone who can deal with my issues. It is heartbreaking and really gets me down sometimes.


powderblue - April 13

It was great reading some of your posts. As I approach forty like many women my age I wonder if I will ever settle in a long term relationship. I haven't had a serious relationship for five years. Many of my friends still single find it hard enough without having a chronic illness. Mine is a lot milder than a lot of people on this website too so at least I can get out. I find that having the experience of an illness like this changes your perspective on life and what sort of people you are attracted to. I guess it can be challenging to find a person that can accept you and try and understand this illness but I'm still hoping. Since I have had to give up some of my old very active hobbies such as running in the last couple of years I have taken up new interests to broaden my social circle. If nothing it has meant I have made some more female friends. Other than online dating websites and support groups does anyone else have any other ideas?



I am struggling to find a mate that understands how I feel. There are days I have to push myself to get out of bed! I go to work and then go home and take care of my 8 year old daughter.
I was talking to someone, but they didnt' understand when I wasn't feeling good. He thought I was blowing him off. FM is very hard to deal with and impossible if your mate doesn't understand what you are going through. Thank God I have been blessed with a very good child that understands on my "bad days" and will help me out.
I will not give up on love though. It will come in the right time.
Hang in there!



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