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The 80/20 principle on how to deal with fibromyalgia
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tiffybanks - January 11

Contemporary medication has extended people’s lives; nevertheless the quality is actually terrible! People in America (or Americans) are claimed to be the unhealthiest people in the world. Many people think that their own medical and health issues are the consequences of aging also genetics; nevertheless, diet and also way of life are the main primary culprits responsible for poor well being. Backwards eating people are certain to get other chronic health difficulties as they age such as fibromyalgia, joint pains, osteoporosis, gall bladder dysfunction, headaches, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.
Pursuing the 80/20 Principle, that is 80% fruit and vegetables and 20% meat, breads, dairy products and grains can substantially amplify the actual alkalinity in your tissues that will lead to a significant improvement in your fibromyalgia signs or symptoms. You’ll have to keep in mind that altering the particular system's pH does not cure illness; nevertheless, it allows the body to heal itself by getting rid of toxins. Learning the alkaline-acid connection will give you the idea and knowledge to create internal surroundings in which not just battles fibromyalgia however functions an internal environment that functions at higher level aside from fighting the fibromyalgia.

This is just information about TMJ I have learned from a chiropractor of great Life Chiropractic. Well her name is Candice McCowin. I still remember what she says; “It is quite important to determine the root cause of everyone’s pain. We, the chiropractors are the practitioners who use specialized techniques and to address both physical and chemical causes of pain, remove interference in the central nervous system so as to promote permanent healing of the spinal discs, nerves, muscles and systems.
This Forum site looks great and I’m looking forward to establish a good relationship with all of you here. Hope to have a good stay ahead!


January - January 13

Hi tiffy, I agree with you about a healthy diet - and staying active. It is a LOT of work to eat healthy in this country - the grocery stores are mostly full of unhealthy processed foods that make the body acidic, and even the fresh produce looks weird sometimes. At one health food store, you can get organic produce, but it's a bit moldy! At the big supermarket, many things look like they were picked green, or have been genetically modified (?) - no fragrance and not much taste. Our "food system" is broken!

And I also agree with you about potent drugs and treatments extending the quantity of a person's years, but the quality of those years is often miserable, and can bankrupt a family.

There are lots of articles online about the value of increasing the body's pH level to slightly alkaline. It appears to help protect you from many illnesses. Thanks for your post, and if you are new here, welcome.



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