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belle1329 - May 15

Hey Axxie, just wanted to commend you for being such a support and so informative to everyone here! Thank You! :-)


JOEGIRL - May 16

Yes, you can add me to the thanks list also.


axxie - May 17

belle1329 and JOEGIRL, thank you, I just hoped I didn't step on anyone's shoes. There are several people who have loads more experience than I, and I'm just trying to understand what clicks for the fibro to act up. So if you think you are on to something let me know. :)

You are so nice! thank's again


belle1329 - May 18

No you are not stepping on any toes, the more info the better, for all of us.
Do either of you experience vertigo? I posted a thread on the other page, but have not gotten a response. Thanks


axxie - May 18


vertigo, dizziness, spinning sensation, poor balance, disorientation, nausea/vomiting, headaches, sensitivity to bright lights/noise
poor tolerance of crowds, and motion sensitivity.

What causes vertigo (vestibular disorder)

head trauma such as car accidents, falls, impact, sports, ear infections (neuritis, labyrinthitis), aging, illness or disease, certain medications, stroke and or brain injury.

It all has to do with the inner ear and the brain that helps control balance with the eye movements, many people complain of this at one time or another, it's not unusual.

Seek an inner ear/nose/throat physician, who will help in repositioning (epley's maneuver) for BPPV (benigh paroxysmal positional vertigo), a condition where crystals are caught in the inner ear canals.

If this is not the problem then I would suggest you seek a physiotherepist that specializes in vestibibular rehabilitarion.

I personally have both, my gp was able to help me with the crystals and then was sent to the physiotherepist because it was the start of my fibro and we simply did not know about it at that time.

Good luck, and do seek help, it's not fun when these things happen.




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