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canadacalling - February 3



canadacalling - February 7

I am new here, and finding it hard getting started to voice opinion or whatever. I have had Fibro since 1990, and wonder why no one is answering me with the testing as the subject.

I need someone to walk me through what I am supposed to do to answer a thread or whatever. I guess I am a little stunned. canadacalling - from Ontario. PLEASE RESPOND.


solanadelfina - February 7

Hi, canada. I'm sorry there were no responses- I had thought that the testing was to try out the board mechanisms.

Forgive me, but when you're asking what you're supposed to do when answering a thread, what exactly can we help you with on that? You seem to have the mechanism down pat.


Noca - February 7

When someone says "Testing" and no other words, we on the internet assume that this post/thread requires no reply, that you were just testing how to make a thread.


ptalana - February 7

Welcome canadacalling, I was waiting for you to elaborate on what you were testing. It seems to me that you have figured out how to start a new thread, and also how to respond to an existing thread. If you could be more specific on what you're having difficulties with I'd be more than happy to help you.
I also live in Ontario, just west of Toronto. How have you been faring this winter? I know this weather has been taking me for a loop:(
Please tell us about yourself, I'm sure having been a fibro sufferer for 20 yrs you must have some insight and experiences to share with us.
Once again welcome to our fibro family!!!


Canada17 - February 7

Hi canadacalling! I too was under the mistaken impression that your "testing" thread was just to test that the process of starting a new thread was working for you.

It is hard for anyone to know the true intention of a post unless it is stated. Had we known that you required help on responding to a thread, we would have been more than happy to walk you through the process. Although, you seem to have figured out how to post a new thread, and respond to one just fine. : )

Having Fibromyalgia (FM) for 20 years must give you some more insight on this invisible dis-ease than some of us on here have. We do value your opinion. The best way to get started on sharing it is to sign in, enter your opinion in the box and then click "Post Comment".

I am 26 (27 this month) and I have suffered with FM all my life; I was only just diagnosed June 2009. I am also from Ontario.

Welcome to the family. : )


Fantod - February 7

Hello canadacalling - Welcome to the board. I thought the same thing - you were just trying to figure out how this thing works. It looks like you've got it down pat so feel free to ask questions and/or participate. Take care.


belle1329 - February 8

Just sign in ad start typing in the comment box,then click post comment, no need to post a new thread, I think you got it, and you have our attention We are here for you :)



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