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Test being ran..kinda scary
4 Replies
mustangsh - October 7

Because of a long bout with nausea I have been
having blood work done and also test. My blood work have come back ok and yesterday I went to
gastro docter.I am having a upper scope and a col-
onoscopy the same day.I guess the worst part about
this is the wait and that you don't want anything
serious as a result but you are also scared about
living with this awful nausea.I know I need to not
stress out over this but it is sooo hard.Just
needing to vent and thankful to have the FMS


chowda72 - October 7

I can relate, i was having stomach pain when ever i ate so much so that i lost weight because i could only eat a half a pb&j most times. i had a swallow series done and they found that i have a sliding hiatal herina. but like you the waiting was the worst. I hope your tests come out ok.


writerchick - October 8

I can also relate. I went through several months of stomach pain, bloating, nausea and vomiting if I ate more than a very small amount of soft food. After losing 20 lbs. in less than 4 months, the GI doc finally did some of the same tests and diagnosed gastroparesis, which, come to find out is being linked to FM. He thinks it was triggered by a bout of the flu that I had in May. It sucks, but by getting diagnosed, I have learned how to eat for the disease and (YAY) drastically limit the nausea.

The waiting is really hard, and we are here to vent to! And the waiting is only temporary, we will be here much longer than that.

Just remember, even if it is something potentially serious (as mine turned out to be) it always has a bright side. I get to drink chocolate milk without guilt now :) Good luck and have faith in yourself that you can make it through any outcome and you will find that you are stronger than you think!


brooksidefarm - October 8

Hi! I too have gastroparesis. I did not know it was linked to FMS - need to check on that. Kind of makes sense since both are nerve related. I was diagnosed with GP then 7 mos later had my gall bladder out, got mono in the hospital and then FMS set it. Anyway, I have found that the diet they wanted me on was not helping and I do not want all the drugs. I began drinking 3-4 ounces of red wine at dinner at night and that really helps! If I do not drink it for a few days, symtpoms are bad. Be sure the doc checks for everything. It took them forever to diagnose this while nauseated and in pain. It is not a common condition. God bless you.


axxie - October 8

Count me in also, it's tough going through all these tests, I look at it with nothing wrong then I don't worry anymore. With less stress, I seem to be less sick.

I do get frequent bout of nausea and when that happens, I go back to clear soups, eating white rice, for a day, then I start eating veg in my soup continue with the rice. After a few days, your stomach gets back to normal. Very early I realize if I didn't want the pain and nausea, I needed to figure out what to do. Old trick die hard, when it helps me tremendously.



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