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Terrible arm pain
6 Replies
Kristina167 - January 21

I was diagnosed tendinitis in summer 2009, and wore braces three months before that for carpal tunnel syndrome. I got an emg for the carpal and it came out negative which led to the tendinitis diagnosis. Now, over a year later, I still have extreme pain in my arms. I have shooting pains running down and going into my fingers. It is very hard to do any daily activities, even typing on the computer is difficult. Now the doctor thinks this might be a part of fibromyalgia. He has put me on 50mg of Lyrica twice a day, and have not seen any difference yet after 4 days. Has anyone else with fibromyalgia had a similar experience? Thanks


Stacey373 - January 21

Hi Kristina167 - I have similar problems with my arms. Do your neck or shoulders hurt too? My arms hurt like that because I have damage in my neck and shoulders and I have terrible knots (trigger points) all through that area. The knots cause what is called "referred pain" which sends shooting pain and/or non-stop aching down my arms. I also have the same problem with my lower back...which causes my legs to hurt really bad.

Maybe this is what is wrong with you???? I have never taken Lyrica, but I assume that it takes at least a couple of weeks for the meds to start working. Just thought I would mention this....Hope you start to feel better, Stacey :o)


Fantod - January 21

Kristina167 - I agree with Stacey that not enough time has elapsed for Lyrica to get into your sytem. It can take two weeks or even longer before you may notice a difference.

Also, have you had an MRI on your neck to rule out a problem there? TMJ will also cause arm pain. If you grind or clench your teeth, you shuld have a bite splint made to protect them and relax your jaw. Take care and feel better soon.


Kristina167 - January 22

Hi Stacey and Fantod, thanks for your reply. I also have terrible pains in my shoulders, neck, back and hips as well, but the arms are by far the worst. It could possibly be sending radiating pain down to my arms, but I believe something else is going on. I will definitely request to have an MRI when I go to the rheumatologist Feb 10th to make sure it isn't anything else.

I think I might have TMJ. I often have a "buzzing" sound in my ears and sometimes I can hear my mandable clicking when I eat. I guess it is the dentist who makes these forms?

Also, thanks for the info on lyica. I have been feeling pretty "high" these past few days as well as getting a headache, but I hope this will dissipate soon and it will start working. It is also good to know it could take a couple of weeks to work, my doctor said as week, but I also thought it could be longer. Thanks for all of your suggestions and help, I appreciate it!


Stacey373 - January 22

Hi Kristine - if your jaw is popping or clicking, then you most definitely have TMJ. and that can cause a whole list of problems with your neck, shoulders, and arms. Getting an MRI is a good idea so you can make sure there aren't any other serious problems you are dealing with.
I have horrible pain in my jaw, neck, shoulders, and arms and I also have TMJ, myofascial pain syndrome (the knots every where for no reason) nerve damage in my neck and shoulders and severe arthritis going through my neck and shoulders. I also deal with constant headaches that easily turn into migraines at any given moment.

That just gives you an idea of what could be causing your pain and problems....I hope you can get this figured out with your doctor. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - January 22

Sorry I wrote your name wrong....meant to say "Hi Kristina!" :o)


Termesue - February 1

WOW I have had the same exact pain. Always worse after time in the computer chair. Always under the arm, starting at the arm pit, through the elbow, and into the hand and fingers. Dr's tried Lyrica on me too, along with a host of other drugs, and nothing "man made" has worked.



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