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TERESA: Debra is bashing YOU now
7 Replies
Jane - September 21
----- Teresa, please email the editor as we have done & get her removed FOR GOOD. Thanks.


Zzzzzzzzzzz - September 21

Name: donna | Date: August 17, 2006, 11:45 am
Answer: are some of you people not smart enough to realize that it was not Debra? Do you not realize anyone can type any name in? I've had enough of the people on this site blaming someone for something they did not do. Moving on..


Jane - September 21

My God! I just looked at the first page right now. Debra has pulled up no less than 20 messages and pasted that one comment from donna on every single page! and only a few weeks ago she was fighting with donna? this is insane. (I am sorry Louise but I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING) we may not have thought it was you doing it before Debra, but now we can be certain it is you! You are a sick sick mental person. you are ruining this forum!!!!! we will NOT stand for that anymore!!!! it is fine to contain your embarrasing online identity crisis to 1 or 2 threads but taking over the ENTIRE front page? you are pathological. I am actually SCARED of you. For real. One time you said you would FIND ME & GET ME, for opposing to you!. I am scared that you are serious & Lord knows what you are capable of.... look at what you can do to a simple website! You are a very dangerous person, and after tonight the group of us who have been fighting to get you off of here will amp up our efforts by 10 fold. You just keep going, it leaves more records to prove what you are doing. Louise finally got an email back yesterday you know, they are investigating you! I hope you get in big legal trouble for all that you have done! how old are you? we know, you are 41 years old and confined to your bed in Toronto Ontario Canada! Go get a puzzle or something.... I actually USED to feel sorry for you. how stupid was I? You are deranged, the lengths that you go to .... you need to see a psychiatrist and I am SERIOUS! Don't you DARE threaten anyone out here again, fibromyalgia would really suck in jail.


NOOOO - September 21

Name: NOOOOO | Date: September 21, 2006, 12:46 am
Answer: How stupid can you be.You have said that Debra has downed Donna.Prove it Lady.Also prove the threats.I hope you know what a threat is .Grow up little one.You need to rip apart somone your own size.



Name: Debra | Date: September 16, 2006, 1:09 am Answer: DONNA :::How dare you say these thing and do this to me.There are more than one Debra's out here.You are one of those people who has been doing this to me.Do you think i'm stupid.You have only replied to this post and an other post by a lady named Helen.You came out here and left only 2 messeges both of them were dowing me.I have never read your name out here before and do you know why,youre name is not donna youre a sick sick person.Why do you spend so much of your time FUCKING with me and other people out here.Go get help.No one out here has been talking to a person nammed Donna.IS EVERYONE OUT HERE BLIND.READ WHAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS ONE ARE DOING.FUCK OFF DONNA YOU STUPID FREAK.GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE ON AN OTHER WEB SITE.THIS FOUR IS FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE FIBRO NOT A MENTAL PROBLEM......I CANNOT TAKE THIS B.S. ANY MORE...THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR BELEIVING IN ME...I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH AND I SWEAR THAT I NEVER PUT ANYONE DOWN..IT IS PEOPLE LIKE DONNA AND THE OTHER STUPID DEBRAS OUT HERE.


Teddy - September 21

Debra, you are sad, go away.....this is not cool and really scary....


wrong - September 21

Wrong Debra.


Nooooo - September 21

You have proved nothing.There are so many people playing the game.That is not debra,that is a guy.



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