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tensed neck
6 Replies
caren - January 12

does any body get a tensed neck ive ad an indian head massarge but it made me really tierd and drained ive tried heat pad creams as any body tried yoga


shellthom - January 12

My neck always hurts. Always. I've seen Chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. with little relief. Yoga does help me a lot - partially because of the relaxation from the deep breathing, and paritally from the good, deep stretching. If you go for yoga, don't do anything high-intensity, it will hurt more than help. Low-impact, deep breathing, good stretching. It's awesome.


JJ1 - January 15

caren, you keep asking a lot of questions about a lot of individual symptoms. Maybe you could just sum it all up in one post. Have you been diagnosed with FMS? A lot of your symptoms certainly make it sound like you have it -- all pretty typical. Good luck to you.


caren - January 17

ouestion 2 j11 hi ive been told of 3 docters i ve got fms still wating 2 c a rumertologist i get very weak burning scalp very bad headaches loads of tender points dizzy feels like got flu all the time
cant go out on my own wen i go out with my hubby i ave 2 loan a wheel chair cant walk 2 far ave u any advice thanks caren


JJ1 - January 17

Sounds like you really need to see the rheumatologist. They cannot specifically test for fibromyagia, but they test for other illnesses that can have similar symptoms, like Lupus, hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis. The diagnosis for Fibromyalgia is usually made after eliminating these other possible causes. Good luck. Hope you can get into a doctor soon.


jdtrust - January 25

I constantly have the same. What I tried was investing in a heated mattress cover. I take a Tylenol PM and lay on that and it's been helping. Better than moving a heating pad from spot to spot.


Lyle Anderson - January 25

caren, you might want to see a neurologist as well. You might have something wrong in the vertebrae in your neck, pinched nerves, or something like that. Your symptoms certainly sound like fms but you could have other things going on too. What's an indian head massage?



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