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Tens Unit info
10 Replies
belle1329 - March 23

Hi all,
Just wanted to pass some info I got from my Gyn yesterday. She has fibro and she recommended picking up what she called a Tens unit. (transelectrical neurostimulator) She says it helps her a great deal. She said go to amazon dot com and you can pick one up for about $40. Other places want between $100-600 for one. Im think about getting one. I hope this helps everyone.


Noca - March 23

What does it do?


belle1329 - March 23

I believe it works like an instrument that a chiropractor uses and pulsates the nerves.
I copied this from a google search..
Definition: "TENS" is the acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A "TENS unit" is a pocket size, portable, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals.
The electrical currents produced are mild, but can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphins (natural pain killers produced by the brain).
You put it on an area that you are having pain, and gently pulsates the nerves , copied this from one on amazon. Stimulates Muscles............
Experian Health Dual Combo Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator System with Carrying Case, Electrodes, and Battery Included Amazing Pain Relief for Chronic Pain , Acute Pain , Back Pain , Fibromyalgia ,Sciatica, Osteo Arthritis and More by Experian Health
This sold for $66 but can be found cheaper according to my gyn


Noca - March 23

Awesome! Ill ask my doctor about it the next time I see him.


Fantod - March 23

I have a TENS unit for lower back pain and it does help. However, I would have reservations about using an inexpensive model without carefully researching it. Not all TENS units are created equal. A forty dollar unit may not do what you need it to handle. My unit cost considerably more (thank you United Health) but it has several addtional features which allow me to change the frequencies, time and other NASA type adjustments. Years ago, I also used a TENS unit to combat facial pain caused by TMJ - also worked well on that too. Belle1329 makes a very good suggestion but buyer beware of a less expensive unit.


fancithatt - March 24

I have a tens unit and it doesn't help me at all. I have tried it several times and they even tried it in physical therapy and it didn't help. I'm glad it works for you but its sure not a cure all.
Sorry to give the bad news.


belle1329 - March 24

Hello all,
I never said it workes for everyone , just suggesting and am going to give it a try. My Gyn suggested the cheaper model because it works for her, it may or may not work for myself or others but its worth a shot. This may be good news for some :). Im so sorry it does not work for you, fancithatt but again I do have to say it is worth a try for others and the cheaper model may also be worth it the first try for 40-70 dollars, I spend that in copays at PT.
good luck to all :-)


belle1329 - March 24

Im also going to as my gyn which model of the cheaper is working for her.


Fantod - March 24

Just so everyone is clear on the TENS unit. It only works in the area where the electrodes are applied. It may be useful for some of you who have trigger points. It certainly is not going to address whole body aches and pains. Take care.


belle1329 - March 24

yes most definately please be clear,thank you,Fantod. It only works on the area you apply it to, knee,back etc trigger point. It does not work for whole body aches (flu like etc) :)If and when I do get one, Ill be the gunia pig, lol and let everyone know, but again it may work for some and not others . Hope every has a good day! One day at at time ! :)


kvc33 - March 24

The Tens unit my physio tried on me didn't help but I bought a home ultrasound unit (different from Tens) called Sonic Relief that would give me about three hours of pain relief on the area that I treated. If you have some trouble spots it may be worth your while but having to move it around tended to tire my other muscles. It was accidently destroyed during a power surge when it was left plugged in.



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