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TENS unit
8 Replies
lucky13 - November 15

Does anyone use this for pain, if so do you see a difference and do you have your own unit?
If you have your own unit did your insurance pay for it?


lucky13 - November 15

sorry for double post, not sure how that happened.


RJ99 - November 15

Hi -

I got one about 1.5 years ago. My insurance (United PPO+ in GA) paid about 85% I think. It helps me some for muscle tightness, but not for the nerve pain or the bruise-feeling type pain. When I do use it, it is for my back/neck/shoulders. I also have compressed disks and pinched nerves and often get muscle spasms there. There are many times though that I do not use it as the sensation itself sometimes causes me pain.

If your insurance pays for most of it I would say go for it, but really best would be if you can try one out first.



Fantod - November 15

I have one because I have degenerative disc disease. I own the unit and my insurance paid for the unit in full. I haven't used it for a while but it did help a great deal with my back pain. Its nice to have it on hand incase things go haywire with my back again. I've never used it for Fibromyalgia (FMS). I don't think it would halp as most of my pain is nerve pain as opposed to muscle. Take care.


mypain - November 16

I find that my sensitivity issues prevent me from using a tens unit. I have a unit from a chiropractor you could try that avenue...


cprruby - November 20

I also have one. My insurance did not pay for it but it help me when I was having lower back pain. But it dose not help when both of my legs are hurting or my feet.


iliveinpain - November 23

can anyone tell me the difference between muscle pain and nerve pain? Thanks!


Canada17 - November 23

Burning, stabbing or shooting pain, numbness, or tingling sensations - nerve pain. This pain differs from the aching and stiffness of muscle pain.

That's a pretty simplified answer to your question. Hope it helps.


lorieholtz - November 24

that really helped me, cause i no longer know which pain comes from what. the burning pain i get in my neck get so severe that i just want to scream, but i'm really new to this fms althought i was dx 5yrs ago i think with it, but no one ever explained fms to me. this site has been such an eye opener for me and i feel thankful and blessed for finding this. i really think god led me to this site... not a doubt in my mind
as always ty for the info



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