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TENS Machine or Pain Gone Pen??
8 Replies
Kristina17 - September 30

I was wondering if any of you have used a Pain Gone Pen or a TENS Machine for their pain? I don't want to be on pain killers so much and am looking for alternative methods for pain treatment. I'm only 25 so I don't want to be setting myself up for a lifetime dependent on pain killers to get by so I'm wondering what other ways I can treat my pain. I'm going to be trying Ketamine therapy early next year, which is supposed to help in long term pain treatment but I would like to get off most of my pain meds if possible. Any thoughts??


fibromite.u.k. - September 30

Hi, I have used both a tens machine and a pain pen so can tell you a bit about how I have got on with them. I think the tens machine is really good, but the only thing is that you can only put it on one place, so it is good if you have a really bad pain somewhere, but if you are hurting all over then it doesn't help much. It can be a bit of a strange feeling at first as it is rather like a feeling of pins and needles on the place it is helping, but you soon get used to that and don't notice it. However, if you are moving around it tends to get dislodged sometimes and if you try wearing it in bed it doesn't stay on long when you are like me and very restless. I would recommend one but don't expect miracles, just some relief. As to the pen, for me, it didn't work at all, although I have heard of a couple of people who thought it was good. However, at the pain clinic I used to go to, they said that they didn't think they were very good, although they did recommend the tens machines. Hope this helps a bit and let me know what you decide on.


Kristina17 - September 30

Thanks Fibromite,
When you say you can only use the TENS on one area, does this mean one area at a time because that's all the patches allow or one area for overall use? I have pain in wrists, back, legs, and more. Just wanting to make sure I get the right thing. Will chat to my GP about it this week to i think.



fibromite.u.k. - September 30

Hi again Kristina, yes, I mean one area at a time because you have to put the patch on, although it can be on any area. Most tens machines actually have two lots of pads so that you can put it onto two places but having all those wires trailing out of the little machine means there is even more to dislodge when you are moving around. I have done that though. One of my worst areas is in my hips and I have put a patch on each hip and sat with it working on both hips at once. I know what you mean about wanting to be sure, as everything is so expensive. I have spent so much money in the past on treatments and items that just don't work, that it now makes me very reluctant to spend money on so called cures.


lucky13 - October 1

I have a TENS unit on my christmas wishlist from my husband. The best place I have found to shop for them (unless you can get a script from your Dr) was amazon, I liked it there because I was able to compare the reviews and pricing, The one on my wish list is $69 and had great reviews.
I've used a TENS unit in the past on my back, so I am hopeful it with atleast help with some of my pain.


Fantod - October 1

I've used a TENS machine as well. You are limited to the area that they will help. They only work where the patches are applied. It was useful but not, in my opinion, a long term solution.

The key thing to remember with regards to medication is that the longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. I'm not sure trying to eliminate your medication is a great idea. You would be better off to see if you can lower the dose and supplement with some homeopathic remedies, rather than go off of it altogether. Taje care


Kristina17 - October 4

Thanks Fantod, Fibromite and Lucky13 for your advice. Your comment that 'The key thing to remember with regards to medication is that the longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop', is interesting. I've been on ever-increasing amounts of medication for at least 4 years now and am currently on 2x75mg of Lyrica, 95mg of Endep, 6x665mg of Panadol Osteo, powdered Magnesium and Zinc, 6 fish oil tablets, glucosamine, calcium, and insulex. I want to cut back on the painkillers but still be able to treat my pain adequately. I've been going through a flare-up for years it seems. Since I started my career as a teacher 4 years ago I have struggled more and more with the constant and growing pain, happening in more areas than before. I just don't want to stay on this amount of medication and the treatments that my naturopath also puts me on as it is a lot and the cost is terrible.

Any ideas or suggestions are always welcome.


canadacalling - October 4

Yes, I have used the Tens machine, and it is very useful for me. I purchased it through physio a long time ago, but often rely on it when pain is bad. I have even fallen asleep with it, till the timer on it shuts off. It is one of the many "things" to try and relieve pain.


lucky13 - October 6

I think sometimes we have to get crative to help our pain. For me, my hands bother me a lot so I will use compression gloves to help and I hope to get a parifin bath and see if that helps some as well. These may not take away my pain, but anything to help ease it or relax me is better then nothing.
I also like Yoga, especially the relax techniques before bed.



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