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Tens machine anyone?
5 Replies
purple-chick - January 15

Hi everyone.
Ok i've just been doing some research on what i could get to use at home to try and control pain, and this tens machine keeps being mentioned.
Before i get one, and maybe do even more damage (if that's at all possible lol) i thought i'd get some feed back about it, how it helps or doesn't help you and why.
Any feed back gratefully received.

Ps - My main issues at this point (relating directly to pain) are - Constant burning back pain. Painful shoulders, that appear to be sinking further and further forward and are very painful to straighten back. And leg spasms along with a pain that is only relieved a bit when i bend my knees right up.


Cinderella - January 16

I have a tens machine that I use all the time. My insrance paid for it through my Chiropractor. It will not hurt you unless you turn it up to high. but you have control over that so you can put t on just lightly and be fine.


kvc33 - January 18

It sounds like you have issues with your spine and posture. What is your age? Your back may be 'collapsing' and that would explain the forward shoulders etc. You should be evaluated by a chiropractor and checked for osteoporosis too.


fibromite.u.k. - January 18

I have a small tens machine that clips onto a belt or waistband. I find it very helpful when the pain is very bad. The only thing is deciding what area of pain to place it when the pain is all over. I would recommend one to anyone.


purple-chick - January 18

Hi and thank you all for your replies. I live in the Uk, so i don't have health insurance or access to a chiropractor. But my Gp has referred me to a physiotherapist who will be able to work on my posture. And i will definitely look more into the tens machine. I noticed that there is a great variation in price. From £20 to over £200. Is there cheaper ones any good? As i could not afford an expensive one!
Oh and i'm 29 years old :)
Thanks again


fibromite.u.k. - January 18

Mibe is only a cheaper one, it cost about £40 in our money. I am not sure what that would be in dollers, but not an awful lot. I don't think you would need to buy a really expensive one. They are quite heavy on batteries, so I have bought re-charable ones.



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