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Tendonitis and frozen shoulder
8 Replies
englishrose - May 4

Hi guys have any of you suffered tendonitis and or frozen shoulder as part of your fibro ? I only ask because i have suffered both and was told it was not a part of fibro..


Fantod - May 4

Whoever told you that is misinformed. Frozen shoulder, tendonitis, and bursitis can all be a symptom associated with fibromyalgia. I have bursitis in both hips and shoulders. People with Fibromyalgia routinely have a great deal of trouble with muscles and tendons that are simply too tight. It is part of the syndrome. This leads to other problems like the ones you are deacribing. Take care.


Noca - May 4

I find benzos help a great deal with relaxing tense muscles.


ptalana - May 4

Hi englishrose, wow I can't believe that you were so misinformed! Tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, myofascial pain syndrome, and fibro are most definitely all linked. I also suffer from the extreme pain in my shoulders, it's gotten to the point that it has severely impacted my sleep. I can't lie on either side and since developing scoliosis I am unable to lie on stomach or back. Doesn't leave me many options does it??? I see my pcp on May 12 and am hoping that he might listen to me this time, not sleeping has a major impact on our symptoms.
Wish me luck, I'm DESPERATE for sleep:(
Hope you have a super day, Patty


englishrose - May 4

Hey Fantod thanks for your reply.. The misinformed one is my rheumatologist and i was sure she was wrong about it when she told me this but you begin to doubt yourself..She also said that she had not heard of light giving fibro sufferers problems before when i started with that.. She is the only professional i have seen since being diagnosed makes me wonder how much else she does not know..This sadly is what we are up against here in the Uk ..Thanks Fantod take care


englishrose - May 4

Thanks Noca it is a real problem and so painful.. I suffered the frozen shoulder for 20 months dont think i could cope with more of the same..Take care


englishrose - May 4

Hi ptalana i cant believe it either but the rheumatologist i'm under told me point blank it was not a symptom of my fibro.. Makes me so angry when they are meant to be the experts and we put our trust in them..I sympathise with you about the shoulder pain as i know first hand how bad it feels..I too dont sleep because of this and other factors which also impact badly on my life as i'm sure you know only too well ..All my best wishes to you Patty hope they start listening to you soon hun :)


Noca - May 5

Patty I guess you could always sleep on your feet or head lol


ptalana - May 6

Lol, the head is a no no, due to my neck injury. And the feet, well since I can't stand for any length of time I think that's a no go as well, dang!!!! Sometimes it sucks to be me, what can ya do????
Sleepily, Patty ;)



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