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Temperature Fluctuation
4 Replies
Sandybeach - February 10

Hi all...
Today im anxious because this temperature thing going off is making me angry,Does anyone else get this or is another thing we put up with because of fibro...i actually took my temp and it seems fine,but my face feels like its on fire,look in mirror and its not red.And also at times when i turn to the left the pain seems to shootfrom my shoulder right up to my head.I"m worried today,which dont make things any better.has anyone got any advice?seems to be every few weeks a temp or the hot feeling flare up.hope everyones ok?....xx


Stacey373 - February 10

Hi sandybeach - I've been having what I call "hot flashes" even though I'm not actually in menopause. I think mine is caused by the medication I'm taking. Maybe that's what's going on with you? side effects from one of your meds? Or are you at the age you could be going through menopause? Or maybe some sort of hormonal imbalance is causing it? (even if it's not because of menopause)

Just some suggestions for you to think about and maybe talk to your doctor. I hope you can get it figured out...Have a good day, Stacey :o)


Sandybeach - February 10

I am perimenopausal.ive started to do a log so i can follow the symptoms of my fibro and the menapause.Hope it does help in some way to let me shed a light as to when i get the hot feelings.Thanx for the advice off yourself and all others who understand.This site is my life saver :)...hope everyones ok? xxxxx


solanadelfina - February 12

I get overheated very easily, even in MN winter, and have to adjust my wardrobe for layers. (I'm wondering if my Reynaud's has something to do with it, keeping most of the heat at my core and less to my extremities?) I prefer long skirts to pants because they're cooler, and will put on shorts underneath for the walk to work and take them off when I get there. I never wear sweaters anymore, but shirts and wraps with different thicknesses. I like to think of it as being able to wear tropical clothes for longer in the year compared to other folk. :)


Sandybeach - February 12

SOLANADELFINA....Thanx for that info,,im pretty much the same ,even here this winter in uk where the temps dropped to -20 i was still warm.Its frustrating,i was wondering if it is my fibro or not and if others get the same feeling?its mainly my face.making me paranoid about keep taking my temp..thanx anyway nice to hear someones like me



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