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Tell me some of YOUR symptoms please.
9 Replies
jmtassey - February 5

Hi everyone, I am new and I am trying to figure out if I do have Fibromyalgia. So if you would give me a list of your symptoms and when they first appeared I would really appreciate it. Thank you all so much for your help


jmtassey - February 5

P.S did any of you drink diet sodas or use alot of artificial sweeteners, cause i have heard alot of bad things they can do which may contribute to fibro and other diseases.


dream69 - February 5

Stay away from NutraSweet, aspartame, acesulfame, and also MSG (mono sodium glutamate). Splenda seems to be ok. NutraSweet or aspartame and also MSG mimic neurotransmitters in the brain in some people and that is why it is recommended that you stay away from them if you have fibromyalgia or other neuromuscular diseases.


dream69 - February 5

My symptoms: muscle pain, burning pain all over body, tender points, heart palpitations, pain in internal organs, chest pain, night sweats, carpel and tarsel tunnel syndrome, teeth an jaw pain, headache, muscle stiffness in the morning, joint pain, joint stiffness, sleep paralysis, spontaneous feeling of coldness or heat in hands and feet, burning urine, gastritis, and acid reflux. Majority of the symptoms are completely under control now without using drugs. I drink ginger root tea every night, I am also on a very low carb diet, I take supplements such as cod liver oil, B complex, and a multi vitamin every day. I am also doing cardio 5 times a week. It takes time but if you do this you will find yourself in a much better condition than you are now…………………… http://autoimmunedisease.suite101


JJ1 - February 5

I did not drink diet cokes or use artificial sweeteners prior to being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have never been a big soda drinker, but now when I have one on occasion, it has been diet (to watch the calories) but I have heard so much bad about artificial sweeteners that I am probably going to quit even the little I drink now.


JJ1 - February 5

Regarding my symptoms: These are my symptoms now (while on Elavil) prior to Elavil -- or amytriptyline -- my pains were more frequent and more severe. Right now my pains in joints are very infrequent, but I do get them on occasion. For example, during the first week of January I had horrible back pains, like a knife stuck in my back, that lasted about a week and I am sure was triggered by holiday stress. On a normal day to day basis, I have problems with concentration and staying focused (like on my work), I feel fatigued, I have morning stiffness and pain in my joints upon awakening that goes away after about 5 or so minutes of moving around, I have some numbness and tingling in my toes and fingertips, I can have periods of being very irritable and easily upset, I have problems with gas (stomach pains, expelling gas, etc), short term memory problems (and due to the memory problems, some other things I am probably forgetting right now).


yannie - February 5

the good thing about my brain fog is that i often forget how many problems i do have - but to keep my post short I'll just say if it is a body part - it hurts or malfunctions. I have had it for many years -- but I keep it under control with many of the good suggestions you can find in this forum.You may find a rheumatologist helpful in sorting out your symptoms.Fibro mimics alot of illnesses so don't diagnose yourself. My diagnosis was confirmed by a doctor who was familiar with fibro and tested my pressure points often ...over a period of many months.If you are diagnosed, there are alot of therapies, and info to help you manage your symptoms. Good luck to you!


tcmby - February 6

I am really interested in hearing more about what you guys have heard about aspartame... i think i am addicted to it actually. i have cut back a lot, but i love diet pop... i can't stand the sugary "real" stuff... i am trying to drink more water & only drink diet pop that is caffeine free, but i can't seem to stop drinking it altogether.... its like a free food (0 calories). what exactly is it about them that is so bad for us? aside from the fact that they are chock full of chemicals... LOL!


michellebcusick - February 9

my symptoms first appeared about 8 years ago when I was about 36. I first get this general feeling of unwellness, like I may be coming down with a cold. Then I get achiness thoughout my body.
And then pain and a burning sensation in different parts of my body, most generally in my buttocks and the back of my thighs. This pain is deep and sometimes shooting. Sometimes so bad I cry. Sometimes i involuntary cry out "ow" and people look at me funny or ask if I'm alright. My skin is sensitive to touch and can feel like it has a fever. I use cool wet cloths to help it. Sometimes I feel like I'm burning up with a fever but my temperature is normal. My hands and feet sometimes ache so bad that the only relief I find is to use a cold pack on them. I also get dry eyes and mouth and a mild bloody nose. I have joint pain and bursitis of the throcanter bursae (which I was recently informed could be from fibromayalgia). I just recently started having moderate neck pain and stiffness and about a year ago started suffering from restless leg syndrome. I also wake up very stiff in the morning. Whew, that about covers it. Did I mention that I am suffering from insomnia also at this time? My symptoms have reared their ugly head and i'm having a full blown attack and haven't slept through the night well, if at all, this being my 4th night in a row of sleeplessness. I believe that stress has brought on this attack as I have started a new job. I know that weather affects me also. I live on an island in the pan handle of ALASKA in a temperate rain forrest. Fall and winter weather is bad for me and it can bring on attacks. I guess maybe I should move to a warmer drier climate, but its so beautiful here. I hope that you can find a good doctor to help you with diagnosis and treatment/therapy. Where i live I haven't found a doctor who is very knowledgeable in treating fibromyalgia. Good luck to you!


michellebcusick - February 9

P.S. No I don't drink diet soda and rarely even a regular soda and I don't use artificial sweetners.
I also want to mention that my symptoms occured a few months after a major car accident in where I fractured a vertebrae in my neck.



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