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Teeth Gum Pain anyone
8 Replies
dream69 - January 30

Today I began to have pain in my teeth and gums with a slight headache and facial pain. Is this TMJ? Has anyone experienced this before?


jane doe - January 31

Dream, I don't know anything about TMJ, but I do have sinus problems, and this sounds exactly like what happens to me. My teeth , gums, and jaw hurt, and facial pain is around the nose, eyes, and in the back lower third of my head. (sometimes my forehead too.) Hopefully that's all it is for you. I don't know what meds you're on, but if you can, try a sinus med and see if that helps.


JJ1 - January 31

I don't know if it is TMJ, either, but i do get pains that I think of as a headache in my teeth if that makes sense. More in my teeth than in my jaw. Just had it earlier today as a matter of fact, but it doesn't happen too often.


larry - January 31

I have had this experiece many times. I visited several dentists only to find that my teeth and gums were fine. A visit to the Ear/Nose/Throat specialist revealed that my sinuses were full and I was scheduled for a emergency surgery the next day to open up my sinuses. I have had 2 sinus surgeries. One in Houston, I believe Schurlock Towers was the name of the place. Having re-occuring infections in your body, Urinary tract infections, Ear infections, sinus infections, infections after surgery, are all part of the Symptom and risk factors of fibro. If you have post nasal drip that is a symptom of a fungus infection in your body. If your tongue ihas a white coating, is fat and has irregular edges as opposed to small, pink, smooth edges this is also a symptom of a yeat overgrowth infection. This further demonstrates that most fibro patients have underlying infections that require a long term approach as well as a multi-faceted approach to get under control. ....Here is a short version of the "Risk Factors and Symptoms Checklist" featured in the book, Living Well With Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know, by mary shomon.-- RISK FACTORS/MARKERS -----

____ Female gender
____ A family history of CFS or fibromyalgia
____ Having a family or personal history of other conditions, including:
____ Irritable Bowel Syndrome
____ Endometriosis
____ Thyroid disease – hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism
____ Mood disorder
____ Chronic or persistent nasal symptoms/sinusitis/sinus infections
____ Ear infections (particularly with CFS)
____ Hysterectomy (particularly with CFS)
____ Miscarriage
____ Irregular Menstrual Cycle
____ Ovarian Cysts
____ Mononucleosis/Glandular fever
____ Epstein-Barr Virus

____ Having had a recent infection
____ Family or personal history of autoimmune disease.
____ Physical Injuries/Trauma
____ Hypermobile Joints
____ Toxic Exposures
____ Severe Life Stress
____ Type A Personality
____ Recent Immunizations/Vaccinations
____ Use of medications/drugs known to have a link to CFS/Fibromyalgia (full overview provided in Living Well With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia ) For More info -


JJ1 - January 31

“Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia also suffer from TMJ. TMJ is most commonly seen in women between the ages of 20 and 50 and the cause is very similar to fibromyalgia as described above. Those suffering with TMJ have had some sort of trauma to the head and neck, either from an accident, even braces or a neck brace during orthodontic treatment. Most of the time, the person is under tremendous stress and they either clench or grind their teeth. As a result of the clenching or grinding, the jaw joint become damaged or dislocated resulting in clicking, ringing, and popping noises which are heard in the ears, often causing dizziness. Missing teeth or ill fitting dentures may also cause TMJ pain.
Individuals suffering with TMJ commonly show symptoms of dizziness, neck, shoulder, back pain, headaches, pain and pressure behind the eyes, sinus problems, and headaches. The treatment for TMJ includes replacing any missing teeth, an orthotic occlusal plate to help stabilize the bite and help balance the skeletal-musculature in the jaw, and head and neck area. Physical therapy and massage are also very helpful for both TMJ and Fibromyalgia treatment.”


dream69 - February 1

Thank you guys for all of your attention and help.I still don't know what it was but its gone now. It must be one of those weird fibro symptoms.


BrandyO - February 1

I have trigeminal neuralgia and that causes pain in my face (my teeth especially) I take 200 mg Tegretol at bedtime. The pain is no longer a problem in my teeth, jaw or sinus areas.


CJinAK - February 1

I've been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my teeth hurt too. It also feels like the bone beneath my teeth is aching. Dental x-rays show nothing is wrong. Luckily my husband is in the dental field and thinks the pain is from unknowingly grinding my teeth while I sleep. (Sleep?! What sleep?) Tomorrow I am getting a "bite guard" made to wear at night. It fits over the two upper front teeth and keeps your molars from touching and clenching. I can't wait to see if it helps. Maybe this is something you can ask about.


Lyle Anderson - February 1

Supposedly us fibros have a lot of tooth pain and sinus trouble, with TMJ as well.



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