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caren - December 10

has any body had a tooth out since theyve had fms i had 1 out a week ago still in pain the dentist said its healing up but very slow is this normal


shonlaw - December 10

hi idid not have one taken outd but i had one filled adn it hurt worst after than before and it took about 2 months befkore i felt any better. sorry. i hope this is not the case for you. soft hugs!!!!!!!!!


Gabbie - December 11

Hi Caren. I had a molar removed just before Thanksgiving. Had stitches and it wasn't until a week later, when they were removed, that I started feeling a little better. It took about 2 weeks before I was pain free which is the amount of time that the oral surgeon said it would take before I would feel ok. Not sure if the fibro had anything to do with it. What I do know is that I have lost several other teeth over the last couple of years which I've had to have to replace. I have had quite a bit of dental trouble and I'm wondering if the fibro is causing the problems. Have you had any other dental problems or has anyone else reading this had them?


caren - December 12

hi Gabbie thanks 4 youre reply ive had loads of teeth out im in atibiotictics at the moment 4 an infection ware the tooth was its taking ages 2 clear up im allergic 2 loads of antibiotics im also geting a lot of pain in my ear ive got ear drops 4 this was you sore around youre gum area


Gabbie - December 12

Hi Caren. Yep, you sound like me. I've had infections, tooth absesses and and all sorts of dental pain. Although the periodondist that I'm seeing doesn't feel it's due to the fibro, I think maybe it does. With some of the problems, depending on the location of the tooth, I've also had ear aches and sometimes swollen glands under the jaw area. I too am allergic to so many antibiotics and the one that I can tolerate a little better, takes longer to clear up an infection. The area of the last extraction that I mentioned is not hurting but now that you mentioned the slow healing, I think that maybe this thing is taking a long time. Yuck. Just another thing to have.


caren - December 15

hi gabbie how long did youre infections take 2 clear up and how long was you on antibiotics 4 ive had mine 4 2 weeks now ware ive had tooth out its heeling up slowley the dentist had 2 drill 2 get the last piece out



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