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teachers with fibro? add/adhd connection?
5 Replies
queenb2091 - August 8

I recently was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when every test under the sun came back with nothing else. I've been having the severe pain and other symptoms for almost 2 years now. I'm 27 and feel 87. I have started water therapy which seems to help some. They tried different medications which all caused me to gain weight. Are there any medicines that don't cause you to gain weight? I heard a connection with ADD/ADHD meds helps. My main question is, are there others with fibromyalgia who are teachers? If so, how are you dealing with this pain and still able to teach? I'm a fourth grade teacher, and the kids/stress/co-workers cause me to fall apart once I get home. I started the pool therapy this summer and want to continue the routine my physical therapist gave me, but I'm scared I won't have any energy to do so after teaching. Any advice? Also, do I inform my coworkers, parents, and students since I know there will be days it's noticeable that i'm in pain? Thanks so much!


Fantod - August 13

I'm not a teacher but I thought I would reply to your post. Has your doctor tried Cymbalta? I don't think weight gain is associated with it and that has not been my experience. I am not aware of an ADD/ADHD connection. You could try using Malic acid to reduce the muscle activity (stops twitching and spasms), I use L-Theanine (anxiety) and Melatonin at night to help with sleep. Sublingual B12 with folic acid helps with energy. With regards to informing people, share this website with your co-workers. I have friends who use a one page hand out to explain the problem and others simply say I have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I think it is better to let people know what is going on than let them draw their own conclusions. Unfortunately, people are not always kind in their assessments of other people. Better they should know the truth than not. I hope something that I have said is helpful to you. Take care.


queenb2091 - August 14

Thanks fantod! I have been on cymbalta for about a year now. I did gain some weight in the beginning but it's tapered off. Thanks for the other suggestions and advice also! I can tell as I discuss fibro with some people that they don't 'understand' and then there are others who do simply because they or someone they know have chronic pain. I hadn't heard of using malic acid and l-theanine. I'll have to consider trying those. They put me on nortriptiline for sleep at night because melatonin didn't help much after a month or so! Have you tried that and gotten good sleep from it? Thanks and take care!


Fantod - August 14

Hello queenb2091 - I use amitriptyline for sleep. That seems to be the standard treatment for FMS. But I also use melatonin (1mg) and L-Theanine ( 200mg) at night. The combination seems to knock me out pretty well. I have always been a restless sleeper under the best of circumstances. This combo doesn't always give me a solid night's sleep but I have the odd day where I actually feel rested. If nothing else it keeps me in some state of sleep until the infernal alarm sounds. Take care.


JJ1 - August 15

This is bad, but I am really really tempted to try my daughters ADHD meds and see if it helps me through some of the cognitive/fibro-fog issues of fibromyalgia. All three of my kids had attention deficit and they say it runs in families. I am pretty sure I have it, just based on how hard it was for me to concentrate and focus is school. I was able to deal with it most of my life, but now I just can't stay focused on anything for long and it is going to jeopardize my job.


angela bea - August 15

Dear queenb2091 I have recently started teaching and it can be incredibly strenuous being with youngsters. As a rule I only work half a day, get back home and have a short sleep then am ready for a bit more of life!!Don't underestimate how much energy and stress is in teaching. A helpful thing I've found is swigging at a water bottle with Ionoised water in it. It is alcaline and seems to give more energy. Look up water ionizers on line. All th best Angela



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