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Tanning My Pain Away?
8 Replies
Canada17 - February 1

"Dr. Steven Feldman from Wake Forest University led a study that found fibromyalgia patients who were exposed to ultraviolet rays in a tanning bed over six weeks felt a decrease in pain compared to those who were in non-ultraviolet beds. He says the U-V rays cause the skin to release endorphins. They're feel-good molecules that ease pain and increase relaxation."

"Feldman says U-V tanning beds have also been helpful in easing psoriasis, but he would not recommend them for anyone who doesn't have these conditions.

The idea for this started during a tanning addiction study when doctors realized patients were repeatedly going to tanning beds to ease aching backs."

Now of course he does not suggest this lightly. Tanning beds increase our risk of developing skin cancer. Catch-22 much?

abclocal . go . com/ wjrt /story? section=news/health&id=7204269


Rosscow - February 2

Hey Canada
I say hit the tanning bed if it helps. Having fibro is like not having a life anyways. Work in pain, fight through the day to get home. Try to do something productive around the house, take some stuff for your pain, have a crappy sleep and do it all over again. I find my fibro symptoms get worse in October and improve dramatically as soon as it gets warm enough to spend more time in the sun and getting fresh air, natural yard work excercise. The sun really does help. Vit D and K?? When you have really bad fibro.. skin cancer is the last worry we have. Fibro to me is just as hard to deal with as if my doc told me I had cancer. Gimme something real to fight.
Not knowing really what were dealing with is the killer of it all.
I say again go tan. You'll have some color (not all pasty looking) and feel a bit better. What the hell.


Noca - February 2

I can't see a tanning bed working any better than a hot tub or a sauna. The latter too seem to be better options if you want to avoid skin cancer.


Canada17 - February 2

The difference between tanning and sitting in a sauna/hot tub is that while the latter warm your body and allow your muscles to loosen and relax, the tanning bed exposes you to UV-rays which in turn releases endorphins into your skin.

Endorphins make you happy.

Feeling warm and fuzzy is different than feeling happy.

I have a hard time with the sun, I burn very easily so this treatment isn't really ideal for me. My skin is just too sensitive. But, I thought maybe at least one person might benefit from me sharing what I found. : )


Kiwigirl - February 2

I am from New Zealand and we are having some beautiful hot summer days at the moment, I have just been away on holiday for a few days, lazing in the sun and swimming. I am sporting a lovely tan and feeling GREAT! for once.


chucksusanandgrace - February 6

I'm wondering if tanning beds emit vitamin D? If so, could vitamin D deficiency be the cause for some of the fibromyalgia symptoms?

I actually was reading a very interesting book on fibro & CFS. The book was siting a bunch of different deficiencies that may contribute to fibro and CFS. Vitamin D was definitely one of them. As well as B12, iron and others.


Canada17 - February 6


You are correct in your theory that part of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia (FM) are connected to a Vitamin D deficiency. Most doctor who treat FM will recommend a Vitamin D supplement even if your tests for deficiency come back "normal." This is because clinical tests to detect deficiencies are not accurate enough to detect the "minor" abnormality in FM patients.

"Canary in the mine" syndrome lol! We are sensitive to even the smallest abnormality in our physiology. Though no one is sure whether it is cause or effect of our FM.

Take care!


Rosscow - February 7

Hey all again
In reply to Vitamin Deficiancy.
Unfortunatley fibro can be caused by many things.
One or two vitamin deficiancies I do not think will cause it as a whole. I think is caused by a combination of things and a cycle is produced.
Take myself for example. I had a serious fall(at work, wiring a water system) down a manhole entrance with a ladder mounted on the side for access. My hand slipped and I fell 15 feet and landed on a valve on my right butt cheek. Should have went to hospital but I was to young and tough for that. Had a bruise the size of Utah just under my right butt cheek. No problem right?
Commenced working and living like normal for years with no issues. Eventually my legs started to ache and burn a bit. No fatigue or abnormal stuff other than that. Then one day it really started getting bad. The fatigue kicked in,back seized up on occasion,athritis started showing up in some joints. Went for MRI and there was major ostioarthritis in my back and especially the right hip. Hmm. ok. Then pelvic muscle pain along with the leg pain and fatigue.. Hmmm.OK. The pins and needles, fatigue, pelvic muscle pain, depression, fibro fog kicked in. Hmm
That incident caused skeletal damage, body responded with arthritis,arthritis caused pain, pain caused depression, depression caused fatigue,fatigue at work caused stress, stress caused immune system problems, immune system problem caused urinary tract issues(prostate). Took massive amounts of antibiotics for prostate....can you see a cycle here??
Vitamins have helped me but not stopped the cycle.
Don't be afraid to take anything that helps your stress, nervous system, immune system.
They are all involved. I take two really good multivitamins, 25mg of zinc, 2 strong combo vitamins which have Magnesium/calcium/ and vitamin D a day. If you investigate these vitamins they help all three factors I mentioned above. They do help. I'm still working. Many people with fibro from what I can see are doing alot worse than I. Believe me I was there. Thought I was going to die right then and there. Thought I had days to live. That my friends was 13 years ago (when everything kicked in together).
Still here trying to deal with the symptoms individually with some success.
I go for another MRI soon to track the arthritis. That will be interesting as I have been having more hip pain than usual.
Hope this sheds some light.
Rossco Rosscow on a hotmail account for outside comments


mimosette - February 9

I am very interested in this post.

I have felt worse this winter than ever. We are actually having a winter here in Alabama this year! I thought the heat was bad, but the cold is worse.

During the summer I get plenty of sun, I don't get any during the winter.

My father (who I have always suspected to have fibro) has a tanning bed for psoriasis, and when he uses it regularly for just a few minutes a day he feels so much better.(in the winter, he gets plenty of outdoor time in the summer)

Heck, I will BUY a tanning bed if it will help with pain. All pain pills make me vomit. I don't much enjoy a life of vomit.



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