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Taking Sleeping Pills to Sleep Please read
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axxie - September 9

Do read, the Province of Quebec in Canada are world renown as medical research facilities. They are affiliated with the McGill University, which by the way happen to be 23rd in the Worlds' most recognized University in medical research and happened to beat all the university in North America.

Do take it seriously, and talk to your doctor.

Canadians using sleeping pills and other medications to treat insomnia and anxiety may significantly increase their risk of death, Quebec researchers report in a study released Thursday.

After investigating the social demographics, lifestyle and health of 14,000 Canadians between the ages of 18 and 102, results showed mortality risks climbed by 36 per cent for those who used sleeping and anxiety treatment, said Genevieve Belleville, lead investigator and Laval University professor.

"These medications aren't candy, and taking them is far from harmless," Belleville said.

Belleville's 12-year study, with the complete findings published in the latest edition of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, says respondents who used medication to help with sleeping and anxiety at least once in the month before the survey had a 15.7 per cent mortality rate while those who didn't use medications had a rate of 10.5 per cent.

Belleville's team then looked at other personal factors that affect mortality risk, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption, physical health and physical activity level and learned that the sleeping aids were linked to a 36 per cent increase in the risk of death.

The medications can also create breathing problems during sleep, impair judgment and the central nervous system and can increase the risk of suicide, Belleville said.


Stacey373 - September 9

Hmmm...Well I have to take something to sleep. I think no sleep has got to be worse than taking pills. I guess I will just take my chances :o)


toots2889 - September 9

Axxie, thanks for the info! I dont doubt what their saying isnt true, but what are we to do? We need our sleep, thats probably the most important thing that we have to have. Without my prescription meds, i wouldnt get squat for sleep. I also need me cymbalta, not just for the fibro factor, but also for anxiety. Without it i would be an emotional mess. I guess what im saying is, until they come up with another way or a cure, i have to roll the dice. If it means that i dont live to be 90, im ok with that cause having this i dont think id want to live that long. If it means being in peace versus suffering, i choose to peace. I dont know, thats my 2 cents worth.


axxie - September 9

As for any medication you take, there's always a pros/cons. You and the good doctor has to sort of have to weight the options.

I take sleeping pills, and I've been on them for years now. Otherwise there's no way I'd get any better with my fibro.

I was on Cymbalta and I had to get myself off them, they were making me erratic. At first they helped me, calm me down, but then either my body got used to it and I would have to go up a few dose, because I'd become angry for no apparent reason. So off Cymbalta I went, I feel much more alert. With Cymbalta it just masking me.....


kvc33 - September 10

There are all kinds of "sleeping pills", from the totally harmless homeopathic ones to drugs that can kill if taken in the wrong dosage or with alcohol or other prescription drugs. Lack of sleep also shortens a persons life and in a very rare condition people can actually die from not sleeping for days/weeks. As with any medication a person must be educated about side effects and weigh the risks.


Nemesis3 - September 26

Go away! I won't pay a dime. I probably know as much as any of those "professionals" I had to choose from. Your link is not only misleading, but annoying. You make it difficult to leave the link without giving an answer as to how much I am willing to pay. Unethical to say the least.

People don't fall for the ask a doctor link



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