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barbara s. - November 15

I have been reading, but not writing lately. I am trying to deal with my issues without "medication", I guess I should say prescription medication. I have been trying some herbals, but they take awhile to kick in. I do feel a little better though. Have been able to get 6-7 hours of sleep a night with the help of valerian and kava. That alone helps me cope better. Have also been taking 5-HTP, omega 3&6, vitamins c, e, and b complex, and eating a higher (NOT high) protein diet. Eating really healthy-- no white foods (sugar, flour, white rice, white potatoes) I try to eat lean red meat , chicken, fish, whole grains bread and pasta, brown rice, fruits , veggies, nuts, etc. I just take ibuprofen when I can't handle the pain. (400-800 mg. every 4-6 hours). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I honestly feel healthier and it really helps me deal with even the bad days. My job is fairly physical, and in addition to that I try to take a walk most days. I got a pedometer and do the 10,000 steps thing.
I KNOW we are all different, which is what makes us so hard to treat, so I am not recommending my approach to any one who feels they need what they need. I am really just trying to GET HEALTHY rather than treat symptoms. I certainly don't know if it will work for the long term or the short term even, but I figure it worth a shot and I have nothing to lose. Good Luck to us all, we need it. Barbara S.


barbar - November 16

Hey "other" Barbara, I think your approach is great. Apparently one of the things fibro does is exacerbate every other illness and injury we may encounter. "Getting healthy" is a good way of keeping as much of that at bay as possible and thus holding down the extra ammunition our fibro can fire at us. I used to be able to walk 9 miles a day with five pound weights on each ankle. Those days are long gone. My doc tells me my fibro is especially bad. I cannot walk at all without crutches nor stand for more than a few minutes. The problem is not just pain but also functionality. Our body parts just don't work right. I wish I could get by without meds---I'm on 9 of them, including a high dose of "the patch---but I'd be a slithering mass of goo without them. The dosages are so high I can't even have regular procedures, like colonoscopies, because the docs tell me I wouldn't even feel the stuff they use to knock everybody else out. I will say that the meds are making my life easier and better but I will never be "normal" again. [I will be foregoing necessary operations (such as a knee replacement) because the fibro greatly increases the pain associated with the resulting scar tissue. In addition, if you can imagine, the pain from the fibro on the knee is greater than the pain from "end-stage" arthritis (that is, no cushioning left and bone crushing bone). I urge anyone considering any kind of surgery to check with your surgeon on the effects of the fibro on your recovery and on the resulting scarring, especially if you tend to scar. ] But back to Barbara's point, for my two cents worth, I think it's important that we each find what works best for us and not be afraid to search. Don't be afraid of the meds and don't be afraid of not going the med route if that's what's going to work best for you. But, best FIRST solution: get as healthy as you can. Thanks for your insights, Barbara.


CarrieLee - November 26

Hello to both Barbara's! Thank-you for spreading a little sunshine around here, you both always post such positive and supportive messages to others ~thank-you~ I love the idea of the pedometer and getting 10,000 steps in a day. I love to go out walking in the country. The smell of the fresh air and the beauty of nature around me always gets my mind of the pain. They do say that the best thing for Fibro is aerobic activity because it increases blood flow & releases serotonin. Most of us need both. It's harder for us yes, but it is essential.


TERESA - November 26

We have had beautiful weather here in MO for the last few days, so I desided to take care of some of the things outdoors! I am really tired now but I accomplished doing the things that needed to be done, YEAH! Although it was kind of windy, the fresh air felt GOOD!!


AmberRose - November 26

How long does it take you to do 10,000 steps? how do you feel afterwards? I can only walk for about an hour straight before i start to go legs feel like jelly after(just thinking abotu christmas shopping....i tol dmy husband he better get me a whellchair!)


barbara s. - November 26

Amber, Honestly sometimes it takes me all day to reach 10,000. I have a job that I'm on my feet all day and there is 5 flights of stairs in my building. (I can use the elevator if I need to). 10,000 is the number recommended by the heart association. But if you get a pedometer you will be amazed how many steps you take in a regular day, and maybe you can't do the whole 10,000, but you can add a little walk after dinner, go up and down your stairs at home a few more times etc. I HATE exercise-- always have- even when I was fine, but I must admit it does make me feel better after. I seem to sleep better when I've done some and mentally I get a sense of accomplishment. Do not go for the whole 10,000, if you are not an exerciser, just see what you do on a normal day, and gradually add on. It's not how much you do at one time, it's for your whole day.


barbar - November 28

Whatever it is we do, we've got to move. I used to be able to walk 7 miles a way with 5 pound weights on my ankles. Now, I can't walk more than 50 feet without my crutches. Whatever it is I have, it's clearly getting worse over time. However, do as much as you can of whatever you can. You don't want to end up a doped-up lump of flesh on the couch in front of the tv (although I am likely to die with the remate clenched securely in my hand). Get up. Get out. And move.


CarrieLee - December 13




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