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dkarssen79 - January 7

Anyone find that no matter what you do your symptoms are not getting better? I've been trying to get a good amount of sleep/rest. I've been off work since December 14th so I don't have the stress of work. I have been going to a counselor to try to deal with my anxiety and depression. I'm on the max dosage of savella and lyrica, along with a large dose of advil 3 times a day, flexeril at night and taking vitamin d supplements. I've been doing light stretching b/c I've heard inactivity can make things worse. Also made some changes to my diet. But with all of these things I am still not feeling better. Some days even seem to be worse. Just feeling a little down today and having lots of pain that just won't seem to go away. just wondered if anyone else had problems finding relief. Sorry for the rant I'm just really frustrated today. Thanks for reading!


axxie - January 7

Maybe the combination of your drugs aren't working, also it depends how long you have been on this regime. Could be you have not had this regime for long. If after some considerable time it doesn't work, I would seek medical advise and ask that they make a switch on your medication.

Try tylenol for body aches instead of the advil, most analgesic just don't work for the kind of pain we have, but I did find, that the tylenol body aches works for me maybe switching if you can take it might work.

Are you sleeping well? and are you resting comfortably during the day.


Canada17 - January 10

A common symptom of FMS is non-restorative sleep. No matter how much time we spend asleep it's as though we wake up more tired and achy than we were when we went to bed. That is because our bodies don't achieve stage 4, or deep sleep. This stage in the sleep cycle is important for the body to repair itself from the day. Not being able to achieve Stage 4 creates a vicious cycle and compounds our symptoms.

I tried Lyrica, I was allergic to it and found no relief with it. Flexeril did nothing for me but give me severe headaches and increased my fibro fog. Savella isn't available to me. Advil does virtually nothing for me because I've been taking it for so long. I take naproxyn for severe pain and even that doesn't work as well as it is suppose to. A lot of our treatments are trial and error, eventually you will find a good combination that works well for you. This will help you to mitigate your symptoms and possibly need less of a drug or none at all. But unfortunately that doesn't mean you won't have days that you suffer.

Diet is a strong contributor to our symptoms, along with stress and depression. While you may not have the stress of working right now, it sounds like you are stressed about your symptoms - rightly so. Speaking with a counselor is a great idea, they should be able to help you work through the emotional issues associated with FMS.

We all have days, weeks, months even that we feel the way you do. It's hard knowing that even when we do everything exactly as we are supposed to that we will still suffer. I look forward to the good days and make the most of the bad ones.

Always remember you are never alone in how you feel. We are always here for you. ; )



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