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Symptoms of shooting cold pain
6 Replies
Fibro - November 15

I was diagnosed with fibro in 1992 or so (when I was 12) and have suffered in silence for the most part for most of my life. I have many of the traditional symptoms (morning stiffness, serious insomnia and disturbed sleep, and headaches) but the symptoms that disturb me most are strange cold chills that shoot down my chest and all the way down to my legs (I get goose bumps all over my body, and they are painful...sometimes it doesn't go away all day, and this happens even when it is hot outside). My thyroid is fine and I am pretty active so my circulation is fine too. It is something irregular and I am so so so tired of it. Does anyone else experience these cold/ chills symptoms???? And if so, have you found anything that helps (besides warm baths and warm bed..) .any suppliments or drugs? I take elevil and that helps to some extent.

I think these symptoms have something to do with some kind of problem in the central nervous system. Maybe being over excited or some type of damage, I don't know. Any ideas about the whole central nervous system and it's relationship to fibromyalgia? Anyone know of any medications that can help with nerve problems? I was looking into Lyrica, it looks like it may be of help for my specific symptoms..?

(I posted this under the drug section too, so sorry if you read it twice)


busheysurfer - November 15

Hi Fibro I get what i describe as running icy cold water going through my body mainly head shoulders and back a neaurologist did tell me this was due to nerve damage prob from my disc problem i hope this helps


charliebrown - November 16

I have experienced something like this as well for the last number of weeks. It seems to start in my feet and spread upwards to my hips. It feels like one would feel if exposed to freezing temps. for a couple of hours and then started to thaw out. It is that kind of pain. I also have it across my shoulders. Last week I came down with a nasty virus. Started with a sore throat, then cold chills and a cold. Third day I awoke with the worst case of vertigo I have ever experienced with resulting vomiting. Then I got laringitius, still have after 10 days. In the last couple of days I have been experiencing cold sweats and this morning I awoke to my whole body in tremours. I was pretty scared. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am going back to work tomorrow after being off for almost 2 weeks, being a workaholic does not happen very often with me. I went to my doc a couple of days ago, but he had no answers for me, just sympathy. I am just scared that something else is going on and it is just being labelled with "Fibro"


Virg - November 16

Hi Fibro...thats an interesting point about the nervouse system. I think if and whoever is researching fibromyalgia (does anyone know if and where research is being done?) should be looking at that. I get chills but also sweats. Nerve problems are usually dealt with antidepressents. I understand lyrica is a pain med but could be wrong. Its not covered by medical in Canada, because its so new.


Virg - November 16

Hi charliebrown, when a virus hits fibrosufferers it hits 10 fold. I sometimes don't get the virus(flu)till the family is finished with it then I get hit like a ton of bricks. Take time to heal. Hope you get well soon.


Stephanie417 - November 16

charliebrown, YES.. I have had the almost exact same thing for a little more than a week now.. Everyone has this virus it seems, but I notice everyone else recovering much quicker than me.. I started with a nasty sore throat, then drainage, stuffy head, basic cold symtpoms, then it seemed like the flu with nausea, chills, fever, vertigo, stomach cramping, I finally went to the dr. yesterday and it seems ive developed bronchitis from the cold/flu ive had.. everyone else seems to get better so much faster, I think with me , its that I dont get the proper rest and relaxation one needs when they are run down, I have a toddler and a husband who does not support me much when im sick.. good luck going back to work.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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