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Symptoms of Fibro
6 Replies
SandiZ - September 1

I have a few different things going on. Does anyone recognize these as fibromyalgia?

1. Somedays my muscles feel achy and flu-like. My whole body aches all over and it can last days.

2. Most of the time my muscles feel tight, so tight that it causes tingling. Stetching sometimes give short term relief.

3. I have had muscles that feel as though I've pulled them. For example, my forearms began to hurt one day and felt that way for two weeks. It hurt to pick things up. That went away and two days later it started in my hips. It hurts to walk and feels bruised when I press on it. It will just keep moving around and never goes away.

I have seen a Rheumatologist and even though my ANA is very positive, he did not give me a Lupus diagnosis. Do the symptoms of fibro change this much?


tonyab1838 - August 25

I feel for you! The problem with FMS is the fact that there are so many different symptoms. I saw 10 Dr's before getting diag.. My friend has FMS also and she just gets Migranes and no other symptoms. I started out by having aching pain in my left arm and it has spread to mostly my torso, arms and neck. I get electrical shocks, that feels like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Some people have it in only their lower extremities. It is a very complex disorder. It sounds like it could be. Did the Rheumatologist give you a trigger point test. There are 18 different trigger points on the body for FMS but not everyone has all the points. Look on the menu on "How to diagnose Fibromyalgia" this will show you the different points. The only advice that I can give is don't give up and remember that life does go on. Everyone here is really good about listening and trying to help. Take care and God bless!!


SandiZ - August 25

No, he didn't check for trigger points. He spent most of his time convincing me that it's not Lupus (yet), which I'm not sure I believe. I've had ITP (platelet problem) for the past seven years and was treated with Rituxan when all of this began. I had serum sickness twice from Rituxan and have had muscle problems for the last two years since.

I already take per day: 5 mg's of Prednisone, 1,000 mg's of Naproxen and Flexeril. It doesn't really seem to help much.


Jean - August 30

It sounds like Fibro. You'll have to work with your doctor to get the right treatment and medication dosages that help you best. Do continue on your stretching techniques it does help also question your doctor about Myofascia Pain Syndrome, which sometimes occurs with Fibro.


SandiZ - August 31

So fibro causes different kinds of muscle pain?


JB - August 31

Yes, it does. The pain moves to different muscles(and soft tissues of the body)& can also radiate, like down the arms, legs, or around the ribs. An area that bothers you most one day, may be a different one the next. Sorry for your pain...


Bobbi - September 1

I feel for you. Even my chiropracter said it is a syndrome with no defenitive answers as to what causes it. We all know it is real. God Bless. Bobbi



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