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3 Replies
Marlene - October 20

Well my question you could say would be a weird one. I want to know if anyone else has thought about what their childhood health was like. I was always one to get up in the morning and feel dizzy and break out in cold sweat I'd go lay down 15 mins and would be ok. Later in years I was never regular with periods either never got them or hemoraged. Had this unexplained bumps that would appear if someone would touch me a little to hard or if I had hit, which I was told was dermotographia. Had phenmonia (excuse the spelling) when I was about 6. Just always something. I am wondering if anyone else was like that if Fibro would be related to how we were as children. Granted I now also have arthritis and DDD. Just tired of it and thinking that no meds expect for Anti-depressent for Fibro is weird where nothing can be done I don't know I think there is something more to this so called Fribromyalgia that is untreatable and unexplainable. I have had this for 12 years now and some days symptoms are unbearable. No wonder depression comes along with it.


Marlne - October 19

OH by the way I was not a skinny sickly child either.


tonyab1838 - October 20

That's a good point to bring up. I was born with phnemonia and have had it once since. I know that a few years ago I had Shingles because I had surgery and kept getting infections for 6 months. Two years after that is when I started having problems. So there may be something to that. When I get even a cold it turns into something worse and I have to have antibiotics. That's a really good theory if everyone else that has this has had the same problems. I was not a sickly child either.


Jean - October 20

I was not not a sickly child either. To tell you the truth and I've said this before I think it is in our environment. What we eat, drink, breath. I think it has everything to do with our environment. Our systems are not use to germs anymore. We have airconditioning. We have processed foods, we put preservatives and artificial flavorings and chemicals on our foods. I think if we ate and lived back in the old days we would not be experiencing these things. But today we are still living longer through the medicines that we have natural and synthetic and yes I do believe there is more to this than meets the eye we just need the common denominater. Or maybe we already do and no one wants to say anything about it yet. Business you know. Just a thought so we mutter through and continue to find leads and possibilities. Sooner or later we will know. :) Life is a challenge, gotta love it. Stay positive.



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