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Symptom Consistant?
3 Replies
JTB - January 3

Hello and thank you in advance for any help or thoughts. My wife (51 years old) has an appoitment with a Dr. next week to test her for Fibromyalgia. I've been doing a lot of reading on this and I would like to ask a question. While a lot of what I read fits pretty well her most consistant and discribable symptom is not listed. Let me discribe;
For the last 3 to 4 weeks she is awaken, usually in the middle of the night with what she discribes as pressure and pain in her fingers. Pressure such that they feel like they will explode and pain like nails are being driven into them. This may start in one hand or both. The pressure / pain then moves from fingers to hands then usually to wrists and shoots up her arms. Once she gets up (maybe 15 to 30 minutes) pain subsides. This happens almost every night.
The main thing I'm trying to do is provide the Dr. with the best discription of what has been going on and wondering how much to make of this.
Any thoughts would me helpful. Thank you.


Gabbie - January 4

Hello JTB. One of the things that I experience from time to time that is sort of what you describe is what I feel in my feet. It feels like a hot poker jabbing at my feet and sometimes like electrical shocks that radiate up into my calves. When this symptoms kicks in, it often wakes me during the night. It lasts for a time, and then lessens. I am hoping that your wife will be going to a rheumatologist because if she does have fibro, she will need a doctor that is familiar with it. Good luck to her.


jaimeislove - January 6

I'm very new to this diagnosis, but I have had what you are describing and was told by my doc that it is related to my poor circulation, which is also a symptom with fibromyalgia.


marwal - January 7

The thing about circulation seems to stand out for me. For the past couple of years, I've been waking up in the night with my hands completely numb from sleeping on them. I liketo tuck one arm under the pillow. But now if I just have a loose arm bent the wrong way, it falls asleep. It's very frequent now, altho it has changed in the way it feels. When the feeling starts to come back, It hurts sooo bad. Very bad pain that slowly dissipates. And sometime for no reason my fingertips feel as though they are being stabbed with a hundred sewing needles, but if I rub them, it goes away.



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