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Swollen with Pain
4 Replies
neurrorist - July 17

So I started developing symptoms of Fibro in Oct. 2007. At the same time there appeared this dark swollen spot on my foot. Not greatly swollen, just slightly, about half of the left foot, on top, starting from where the leg meets foot, slanted a little to the left side. Its very sore and tender to the touch. The pain comes and goes, and sometimes the color and size almost disappear. This has been happening on and off, and generally seems to coincide with pain and aching in my lower back. Does anyone else have something like this? Its just so so confusing. I can't figure out if its just a by product of the fibro, or something totally else. I can't get a single doctor to slow down and listen to me. They all just try and give me medication after medication which I don't take opting for more natural methods of taking care of myself. But they just brush off everything I say. Except for the rheumatologist I saw, I've never spent more than five minutes with a doctor. And this doesn't take away from the fact there's this big spot on my foot. That's swollen, dark, and painful. Please Please someone give me some information. Is it common? Or not?
Thank you and love


Fantod - July 17

As far as I know what you are describing has absolutely nothing to do with FMS. Have you seen a podiatrist or a sports medicine specialist? It may have something to do with the way you walk. The latter would certainly coincide with an aching lower back as well. Call your local hospital/physician referral service and ask for a recommendation. I am truly sorry that you have been ignored by so many doctors in seeking help with this issue. I feel you must be your own advocate these days and be firm if you are not getting the help you deserve from a paid professional. Take care.


kaime - July 20

I have it too! If I'm in the right's almost next to your ankle, right? I don't have pain, but I find that it swells when I am on my feet alot...and then sometimes it turns a little dark. At first I thought it was lymph nodes in my feet...??? I have pain in my lower back, hip, and groin area...but I don't think it happens at the same time. Let me know if you find out what it is.


neurrorist - July 20

I'm glad someone else has experienced something similar! Right next to my ankle. It generally occurs when I'm standing a lot, or working while sitting a lot. I'm moving to a state with better fibro awareness, so I'm hoping I'll be able to find a caring sensitive doctor to help me. I'll be sure to pass you any information I can find.


kaime - July 22

thanks neurrorist...good luck to you...I know what you mean about the docs not listening...I have been going to my dr. for about 8 yrs now. He is an internist...he is great. I really haven't had any "bad" flare ups until I have been seeing himmostly for common things, like sinus. Then the fibro kicked in full time and I was going to him evry 2-3 wks. Well, that's when I found out that he really don't "believe" in fibro...broke my heart! So now I have to look for another doc. Keep in touch and I will be praying for you! ~kaime~



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