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Swollen Sinuses/Dry Nostrils/Red eyelieds/Red Extremities
3 Replies
AKFlyfisher - January 21

Do most you suffer swollen sinuses and feel like having a year round sinus infection? I have constant mucous in my nose and have dry itching inside and am always scratching/itching inside my nose (yes it is gross I know :0)...... Also my eyelids on the inside are very red all the time, also my scalp itches in my hair, but I have no rash or dandruff.
Also my neck and face is always flush red along with my extremities hnd and arms.


JJ1 - January 21

I never had sinus infections in my life and suddenly started getting them at what I now recognize as the onset of my fibro symptoms. I currently am on Elavil to help me get into deep REM sleep and since being on this many years now I have not had the sinus infections. The only things I still have similar to your symptoms is I ocassionaly get itchy (feels like hives but with no rash or bumps) and my eyes are always very watery. I thought the water eyes were due to aggravation from contact lenses, but I have not worn my lenses for several months now, just glasses and my eyes still water all of the time (people think I am crying!).


lmb2 - January 22

I do have sinus problems and have a chronic stuffy nose. i get sinus infections a few times a year at least. Before i was diagnosed with fibro and not long after the onset of the fibro symptoms I started having a LOT of sore throats and a lot of drainage and and itching in my throat and this is also when my constant stuffy nose started. I ended up referred to an ENT doc and I had a tonsillectomy because he thought I had tonsillitis. The recovery was HELL because of the fibro (which i didn't know it was at the time), and now i STILL get sore throats!! i didn't even need the surgery :( i get really watery eyes too. so yeah, seems like it's kinda common with fibro unfortunately.....


JJ1 - January 23

I have had sore throats also. I will go to bed at night with my throat all dry and scratch and I will be sure I am going to wake up with a head cold the next day, then nothing.



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