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Swollen hands
12 Replies
VVickers - April 15

I've started noticing that my hands/fingers are swollen when I wake during the night and first thing in the mornings. They usually get better during the day but not always. Anyone else have this? Is it a symptom?


JJ1 - April 17

Are you drinking plenty of water? This can be a sign of not getting enough hydration.


VVickers - April 17

I think so...I've just recently cut out everything but water and some coffee in the mornings.


pfulton - April 24

Yes. My hands swell badly. In fact, I can't even get my wedding rings off. I have been unable to get the swelling to go down enough to get them off.


VVickers - April 24

Do your hands swell at night or is it constant? During the night I've now started noticing that my feet feel swollen too. They don't really look it but they feel swollen and hurt when I stand up.


charmed69 - April 24

I think doctors are at odds about this. My general practitioner said it was not a symptom but my rheumatologist said it was, so who knows. My hands and feet are swollen pretty bad when I wake up but get better as the day goes by. Take care.


bharmon - April 29

If you are taking Lyrica, that is the reason for your swelling. If your not, I would get with your doctor on this one. This sounds more like a symptom of the medication. Hope you get better!


kaime - May 15

my hands swell during the night and sometimes during the day, too. my feet "feel" swollen at times, also.


VictoriaB - May 31

My hands and fingers stay swollen pretty much all the time, I can't wear most of my rings! I am also having trouble with my dexterity, my gp saids that this is part of Fibro...............I also get discolorations now as


islandguy - June 1

Fibromyalgia and swelling. A very uncommon symptom. Fibro has no swelling areas in the body as it is most considered to be neurological. Possibly you should be looking to your doc. for a better diagnosis. Many reasons will swell feet and hands. Don't think it is fibro related.
Take care.....


VictoriaB - June 2

I meant to say Neuro doc said that my swollen hands went along with Fibro............not my gp!


diddles - July 10

Island, not to cut you down, but I have been getting swollen hands, fingers, legs, ankles, wrists for years and with my long awaited dign. this was a bit symtom! My rhuet. specialist took the year to dig. and he is the most respected in Ireland.


diddles - July 10

Vvivkers, if it helps all in my support class in Dublin suffer this - there are groups that meet here for patients!



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