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Swine Flu Vaccine?
6 Replies
FibroGal - August 5

Do you plan to get a Swine Flu vaccine? I am concerned about taking something that's not been long-established on the market but I think I will want it as I always get a flu shot and it sounds like the Swine Flu may be even harder than the seasonal flu. I'm wondering what you all think about it.


Fantod - August 5

I've been noodling this as well. I always get a flu shot as I was high risk prior to all of the fun I am now having with FMS. I want to do some more reading on it but think it is likely that I will get one. My immune system is totally compromised so I feel that getting the shot is the lesser of two evils. Take care.


FibroGal - August 6

Good to hear from you again, Fantod. I tend to agree. I think the shot is the lesser of two evils, too.


mimosette - August 7

No, no, and no.

I don't even give my cats vaccines when they are at less than peak health.


weemama - August 9

this is a hard one....I am thinking of getting the shot, as I too get a flu shot every year, and if I do get sick it isn't as dramatic a sickness if I don't get a flu shot (have tried it).. But the swine flu vaccine is a new one, and the side effects aren't established if there are any...but like you said Fantod it could be the lesser of two evils. I would dicuss with my doctor, but I know he will tell me to get it. I am just wondering what is in the shot.


FibroGal - October 6

Just checking back again to see if anyone else wants to weigh in. The swine flu scares me to death. A young girl in our church is in the hospital with double pneumonia. There are no adjuvants in the H1N1 vaccine so I'm strongly leaning toward getting it and getting my kids the vaccine as well when it comes available.


axxie - October 6

My two cents, I don't think that I will not get the vaccine. I prefer to stay close to home and take precautions.

I have stopped going to restaurants because of the germs, and people who do not respect the cough in your arm, or stay home when you are sick. I do not go to public washroom and I do not go anywhere, where there are sick people, such as clinics and hospital, I have latex gloves with me, that I use to gaz up my car and even wear a mask. (I have asthma and this helps me). Trust me I don't do it for the stares but for my own protection. I do not touch my face for whatever reason, knowing full well that I can contaminate myself.

I recommend you invite your friends to share dinner. Have products in each room for hand sanitizing and have less on your counters and clean your washroom often and don't forget wipes in each washroom as much for you as your family and friends.

By keeping away from malls, restaurants and food shopping to a minimum and always wearing gloves with you, you have less chance of contracting.

Remember wash your vegetable and fruits and always only put out what you will need and then throw out all leftover you have a better chance to combat swine flu.

I will not have the vaccine.



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