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swiching Doctors
4 Replies
canadacalling - October 20

Well until I got my head around this I have not posted. I had a letter from my Dr. saying that it seemed that I did not trust her as my physician. I had inadvertently mention to a nurse in the room that I was about to get a second opinion about the atril Fib. She mentioned it to the /Doctor and that was all she needed to write and tell me that I had ten questions the last time, had asked for referrals a number of times, and that there were other Doctors in this town that were taking patients and under the Ont. Government were free to choose. So I called her and spoke to her saying I guess this is my walking paper. Oh no, she had said but I think you are not satisfied with me. Oh no, I thought this is it. Well I mentioned that I would look for someone else and I have found a male Dr. dark skin - from Jamaica, and also graduate of Western University in London Ontario - nicest man and very friendly. I found the present physician was always telling me about another patient who had this and that and a lot of her personal business when she first came. She is realy abrupt and sarcastic and I do not get along with her so I am glad I have made the change. I had a female Dr. in Mississauga when I left and we got along okay. Now Dr.s here are asking clients to have one problem only to discuss at one visit. I aksed the new Dr. what he thought about Fibromyalgia and he says oh yes, he feels it is a real illness. I told him I had tried everything and he said we will try other pills till we can make the pain better toleerated. That was good news, although right now I am pain free. He wants blood work because of diabetes, every three months, needs a physical done. and that is about all.

Have any of you had to make a change or wanted to? It is rather scary, hoping hat this new one would be okay and that I would not have to go begging to see her again. What a relief. I will let you know how things go on with him, but I am going to watch myself and not ask too many questions, after all you guys are here for that..... What do you think, have I done the correct thing, hope so. Bye for now - gentle hugs Susan.


Fantod - October 20

Susan - Your first doctor sounds burned out. And, as Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a very complex syndrome to manage more than one question or concern is understandable. I would not see any physician that told me I asked too many questions or wanted too many referrals. Under the circumstances and having diabetes too, you are more than entitled to ask about your concerns.

I hope that your new doctor works out for you. I've changed doctors many times. I'm about ready to fire my current rheumy. He suggested that I should be mowing my half acre lawn with a old fashioned push mower for exercise and ride a bike at least 20 miles a week. I have FMS, advanced osteoarthitis and degenerative disc disease. I already need a least one knee replacement. The other knee is not far behind and my spine is crumbling. As it is, I am not a couch potato - I do what I can and often push myself to do more than I should. I think that he has lost his mind. One more session with him like that and I will fire him on the spot. I don't expect to be coddled but I expect to be given reasonable suggestions given my fitness level and severe orthodpedic problems. The key thing to remember is that you are the customer - they work for you not the other way around. Would you like to be treated like that in a department store? I think not.

I hope that my comments are helpful to you. Good luck with your new doctor and keep us posted.


duhda75 - October 20

I feel that if you are not compatiable with your Dr or you feel as if he/she doesn't take you seriously you should be able to seek a new Dr. I see no problem with that once so ever. It's your body, and you know your body better than anyone else. If I felt I was being treated unfairly I would certainly change Dr's. It's important to have a Dr who you can communicate with, without being cutt off because you are taking too much time asking questions.

Fantod, I can't beleive your Dr would ask for you to do such a task as mowing a 1/2 acre lawn. That's absurd. Especially having as many medical conditions as you suffer from. I also suffer from
chronic S.I. joint syndrome, and buldging disks, as well as FMS. I couldn't imagine trying to mow a lawn. Sometimes I wish some of these Dr's could live our pain for 24hr. Maybe they would be more caring and compaioinate.

Good Luck to you both


canadacalling - October 21

Thank you both Fantod and Duhda:

Oh, I was so pleased to hear from you both. I am realy looking forward to going to this chap. First, of all he wants to do a physical, and I have not had that for years. Oh, wow, taking all my clothes off, oh well, he is extremely easy on the eyes. I have to see him first for a blood count of my blood sugars, then go from there. Thanks for cheering me up. P.S. Dr. not burned out, probably pre memopausal...ha. good luck with that...


axxie - October 21

Hi canadacalling, hey there you did the right thing, by changing doctor. If you are unhappy then you have to change. I have bad doctors and I've fired a whole lot of them and I live in Ontario. The last woman that I had, I swear she would just drive me up a wall. She kept saying to me that only one question was allowed a visit. I said no, I have these and I'm going to stay here in this office, until you answer them all. She believed that I had fibro, but would'nt want to give me anything for it. The last time I saw her, she didn't believe that I was in so much pain and was giving me hell. That's when I said, I don't need this mental abuse from you. I walked out and found myself another doctor, this time this lady was ok, and went through the batter of test and said I did have fibro, but she doesn't want to give me anything for the pain. Off I went got myself another doctor, he doesn't exactly know much about fibro but said that he would try and help me. He gives me pain pills and tells me what I should do to eliminate the pain.

Anytime you feel you are being violated by your doctro time to move on. With fibro, you have no choice. You did the right thing.



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