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8 Replies
Snowglobe - November 30

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick questions, does anyone experience swelling of the fingers? My right hand has started to get really tight and my fingers swell. This is not all the time, it seems to come and go. Not liking the cold weather either...having a bad time at the moment!



Fantod - November 30

Claire - It sounds like something else other than FMS is going on with your hand. There really is not swelling associated with FMS other than from meds like Lyrica. You should get it looked at.

I'm not liking the weather either. It is cold and rainy here which is making me feel worse than usual. You are not alone. Take care and feel better.


fishingflorist - November 30

I too have swelling in my fingers. Or as they say the sensation of swelling. usually happens when I do repetitive motions with my hands. As you can tell by my name I was a florist for over years and when the holidays can a round oh boy! I couldn't even use my knife after reaching into to cold water to get flowers all day. To drive home was impossible. Probably "arthur" have never gotten a direct answer from any doctor. Hope you get a answer. Feel better.


Snowglobe - December 2

Hi, Thanks for your reply, I will speak to my GP as he recently increased me Lyrica dosage.


Snowglobe - December 2

Thanks for your reply Fishingflorist. Hmm work on a computer all day so could have something to do with working the mouse..I just dont know. We have lots of snow here and sub zero temps, but currently sat at my desl with an electric heat pad on to try and ease the pians in my back.

Take care.


HerRoyalHighness - December 3

My fingers swell, too. There are days I cannot wear my rings, so I know it is not my imagination, or just a sensation of swelling. The doctors say I don't have arthritis...


belle1329 - January 13

I have swelling in my fingers also, to the point I cant wear my rings, and I cant ever wear themto bed.


toots2889 - January 14

Claire, I too cannot wear my rings anymore, and my hands swell all the time. I take naproxen everyday, but still have the swelling. I dont understand why, when like Fantod said we dont get inflammation from fibro? Or do we...


Auvonto - January 14

yep all the time and they also go numb. I use my fingers all day on the computer and sometimes i get shooting pains and my fingers swell and the numbness comes. i hopeyou get better claire



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