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swelling in the knee
5 Replies
sally5 - August 22

I have fibro for the past 6 yrs and it is getting worse. I have it from head to toe and can no longer work. Now i started with swelling in my knee does anyone have this problem? Sometimes i have to use a cane to help me walk.


JJ1 - August 22

I don't think swelling is associated with fibro. As a matter of fact, the lack of swelling is one of the things that doctors use to make a diagnosis (to contrast with rheumatoid arthritis which does have swelling). But I am no doc. I recommend you pay your doc a visit.


hurt_allover - August 22

hi sally, I am new to this board and I wanted to tell you that my knees will start hurting me so bad it is very hard for me to get around with the pain..then the swelling starts..expecially if I walk up starirs, or travel for any distance..riding in vehical not driving! I recently went to a new doc and told him I have fibro but, with the bones hurting and swelling I know its not all fibro..he said it was ostoauthuritis..sp? when your knees swell and on the swelled part does it feel hot to touch and tender? thats how mine do. and the bones in my fingers and hands ahhh the bone pain sucks.


skidoo - September 14

No swelling with fibromyalgia. You have something else going on. See a doc, a rheumy doc would be best.


Robin1237 - September 19

Hi Sally -- I just joined the forum tonight. Fibromyalgia is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. It goes for the nerves and soft tissue. It is currently attecking your knee. Me too. Bad knee, walk with a cane now. The bacteria likes the large joints. It is best to find a Lyme-treating doctor to work with. You will need to test for not only Lyme disease but also the coinfections, and then to find out which antibiotics will work best for you. People also do a lot more than antibiotics as well to treat. You can learn all about it at Questions. You can also email me at [email protected] to discuss if you want.


techie - September 20

Hi, Sally. I am new to the forum tonite, also. Yes, I do. It's usually my right knee and it gives out without notice. Sometimes it swells and even retains fluid. My generally goes away after a few days. It's the hip pain that stays with me forever. Riding in a car for long distances is also comment on hurt_allover's response. I have bone pain also. I have seen at least 6 different orthopaedic docs over the last 10 years. My hip pain will get so severe that the muscles, starting with the groin then traveling down the leg will weaken. Finally, my leg will go paralyzed, but the pain is so severe that I feel like a Barbie doll and someone is pulling my leg off. For years, everyone said the same thing to me...your hip pain can't be fibro, but since I do have the disease anyway, my doc treated it as such. Tonite I just read that the bursa is affected in fibro and I wanted to scream!! Finally, someone has written something that describes me.



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