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6 Replies
dwilmoth - October 25

Does anyone's legs or ankles swell?


cwashburne - October 25

I have swelling in my left knee(on the inside of the leg). It has been there since August...(that's when i first noticed it). The doc's say it's "probably" tendenitis. They haven't done any tests or anything. And now the pain is spreading to my calf, and now i am having pain in my's on the inside of my leg. I am annoyed cuz i don't know what it is. I have not been diagnosed with FM yet, but i have ALL the symptoms. I hope you feel better :)


Fantod - October 25

dwilmoth - Are you taking Lyrica? This is a common side effect. Or, it could be from another medication that you are taking. I would talk to your doctor. Take care.


dwilmoth - October 26

Fantod,- No not taking Lyrica getting ready to start Cymbalta again. I haven't been on anything for a while. But my ankles are always swollen. I haven't seen where it is a FMS symptom but just wondered with ahyone else. And I just see my family MD, do you think I should go to a Rhuemy?


Fantod - October 26

Yes, go and see a rheumy. Ankles and feet don't swell for no reason. You could be having an underlying health condition that is causing the problem. Take care.


dsterne - November 5

My ankles, feet and knees were swollen for a month. I was out on a high dose on Alieve and it went down after a few weeks. However it took me over a month to get an appointment with a Rheumatologist and then another 3 weeks to get my fibro diagnosis and by that point the swelling went down completely and the rheumatologist said she did not think that was part of my fibro and couldn't answer why that happened, since no one extracted the fluids from my joints to be tested.


constantlydistracted - November 16

i swell constantly, mainly my legs and ankles, but at its worst my arms swell from the elbows down. I now drink only water, that seems to help. My doctor is clueless in how to treat FM. He is not sure it actually exists. I am currently trying to find a doctor that knows how to treat FM.



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