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Honora - September 22

hi i have fibromyalgia and i get head sweats and generally feel hot when others dont ,sometimes my hands sweat too.I was wondering if anyone out there gets these ,if so what do you do to stop them .


Brandy - September 13

I do Honora but I blame it on the change ... at 52 I'm at that age. How old are you? Also some meds can cause the sweats. Tell you doctor and see what he/she says.


TERESA - September 15

I am only 46 but I guess I'm going through early menopause :( I used to have problems with sweating (or hot flashes) I now take a herbal estrogen compound & it seems to working. Hope this helps!


Barbara - September 15

I ALWAYS have the head sweats. I'm 55 but have had them longer than I've been going through the change. My doc says the sweats result from a compression of the spinal cord. I'd check with my doc, if I were you, and tell her about any other symptoms that might be related, like tingling sensations or sharp, firey pains shooting up the nerves. Could be a neurological problem. Or it could be the change.


Honora - September 21

i know its not the change,but it is getting so bad that i cant go out a lot of the time,i have had it for years and its not hot fluses .I am off to doc next week.Thanks for your reply xHonora


JJ - September 21

Usually I go to bed freezing cold. I am piling on the blankets then during the night I am so hot I have to kick all the covers off. This is not related to the temp in my house and I am the only one feeling this way. Generally during the day I feel pretty normal temperature-wise.


Teddy - September 22

I get that way too around a hot looking guy! It's hard being this way,but,dangit,I just loves me some weiners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teddy - September 22

Hey Shebra, posting again as me you poor pathetic little bar slut, I love big franks, not little wieners. Dind't your mommy tell you it is okay to be gay....NEXT!! LOL


Larry - September 22

Jeez Teddy,you do have problems if you think it's ok to be gay! Do you have fibromyalgia? I would think having all that man-sex would be hard on your immune system. It must be hell having a warped mind. Say hi to Satan on your way down,penis puffer!


Barbara - September 22

Could we all stay on track here? The issue is FMS and the sweats and nothing else. Anything else should be left aside. Let's be cool, guys. Honora, there does seem to be some relationship between the autonomic system and FMS, which means that severe sweats can occur at any time. In addition, the sweats can also reflects severe pain spikes. When I have a bad spike, I am just drenched! As far as I know, there's nothing to stop them, they're just another symptom we have to deal with.



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