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Swallowing Problems?
5 Replies
Debbie - December 29

I've had fibro for 7 years. One of my annoying symptoms is my throat feels like there is something in the back of it when I swallow sometimes. Does anyone else experience this? What can be done?


Jean - December 8

Hi Debbie: I would think your doctor knows about this after 7 years. Fibromyalgia does affect the muscles and that could be the case but there are other conditions that cause this to happen as well. I would suggest it to your doctor or see an endogrinologist to determine the exact problem or even a Rheumatologist has blood test that may determine the problem as well.


joanne - December 9

goodness me!! yes!! i have had problems with this...not necessarily swallowing problems but that a feeling that there is something stuck in my throat.i went to the hospital and had a endoscopy and they found nothing so it was put down to fibromyalgia however yes i agree go and see your doctor who should refer you to a specialist.
take care


Suzanne - December 28

Have you ever seen a neurologist about your swalloing problems? That is a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, not to scare you but it should be checked out !! I have NEVER in 20 years of fibro had that problem and I think I have had all of them and then some. Please see a nuerologists !
The best of luck to you !


Debbie - December 28

Yes, Suzanne, I have seen a Neuro. for the past 6 years, I've had three brain mri's, several nerve conduction studies and three cervical spine mri's, in addition to four ana tests and extensive blood work over the past few years. I still have the swallowing problems. I do believe it is connected with Fibro. and was diagnosed with Fibro. 7 years ago. I think it has to do with Neuro transmitters being out of wack. Just feeling of tightness in throat sometimes.


Andrea - December 29

yep have this as well, but I was diagnosed with barrett's esphoagus, I'm a walking mess, I think I could be in the guiness book of world records for my problems. At least this one gets attention, My GI doctor does Endoscopies every so often, just to make sure it's not growing bigger, have your doctor check it out, yell at him if you have to. I'm not saying you have this but you should get it checked out.



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