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9 Replies
Mare - June 4

Can fibromyalgia affect your swallowing


Ted E Bear - April 21

It sometimes affects my swallowing (like right now)


HealedLady - April 22

Yes it can. I have problems swallowing all the time because of throat pain.


davina - May 19

i seem to have a sore throat all the time .... at the minute i have a very sore throat espically when i swallow part of the fibro im afraid


marci - May 19

just today this started, when i swallow i feel pain in my throat is this part of fibromyalgia and/or tmj problems?


fibroprof - May 20

I have trouble swallowing food, not usually liquid. And I seem to have trouble at least once or twice everyday. But it isn't painful, I just seem to be unable to get my muscles to remember how to swallow sometimes and then I start to choke. I never actually gag, because I have learned to stop my whole swallowing process and let my brain concentrate on how to swallow and then I seem to be able to do it. It happens at least once a day, usually with dinner or lunch, not when I'm having liquids, as I said. No pain, though. Just recently, I also had a wierd experience where my food tasted like cardboard (nothing) for a while, and then had a metal taste for a few hours. Anyone else have that? Happened twice, lasted only for the remainder of that meal--I guess, cause I didn't eat for 7-10 hours after that. And by the way, I am coming out of a 3 month "flash" as they call it where I was out of work and sleeping all the time. I was just diagnosed during that period. I never however stopped eating (never missed a meal!) so I've gained weight from inactivity--but also I felt ravenous all the time. Anyone else feel like they are super hungry when they are flashing? I gained weight and I feel terrible about it. Moral of the story: Even if my food tasted like cardboard, I kept on eating. oink oink.


justme - May 20

OMG, you just described my swallowing, I thought I was crazy!! lol. and I am always hungry, even after just eating. But I KNOW I am not hungry, it is weird to explain.


Nancy - May 21

Same here. I have gained almost 40 pounds and I am alsways hungry. Sometimes I have a burning sensation in my stomach and I think eating will help. Sometimes it is because I am so tired and I think if I just eat something I'll feel better. I've had to buy all new clothes. Hurts my self esteem which causes stress which makes the FMS worse. HA! And, yes, this has been during a flash which was triggered by a serious allergic reaction where my whole body hived. And...swallowing is also a problem for me.


Bridget - May 23

I get sore throat quite often for a day only at a time. Also often have problems swallowing without throat feeling sore, too.


Lori - June 4

I get spasms in my esophagus. Does anyone else? I feel like I am going to choke and just keep rubbing my throat until I get it to stop. Also, I have the same hunger problem ( have put on 30 pounds) and urinate about every 15-20 minutes. One more thing...I had marcaine injections in my shoulders and now those muscles are knotted more and my left arm feels like lead while my elbow feels like I keep hitting the funnty you know if this is a bad reaction?



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