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Debra - September 21

My name is Debra.I would like to know what you think about this.N0#1 Is there more than on Debra out here?NO#2 Could this game player be more than one person?NO#3 Or do you really think that all of this crazyness that has been going on out here is me????.Also do any of you agree that this web site should ask all of us for our e-mail address so that no one can use anyone elses names and play such silly mind games???.Please let me know what you think even if you reply to me is not a nice one.Thank You.Debra..P.S.I hope we can all be mature about this and try to bring back and clean up this web site that has now turned into a joke.


Debra - September 15

I'm sorry about the spelling.Fibro Fog has hit hard today.


TERESA - September 15

Debra, why do you keep bring this up? Let it go & continue to give your oppinion,advice & support to those of us who write in! It will become apparent after awhile who is who!


skylar - September 15

I have 1 aunt + 2 friends named deborah. I think some are playing games, but shouldn't we should just drop it? If it bothers you that much why bring it up again & again? The more attention you pay to it the worse it gets. One has to wonder why? It's so silly, I won't say anymore.


Penny - September 15

The only thing, that is turning this site into a joke, is repeated nonsense postings like this survey.


Debra - September 15

I would love to let it go if the other people that are doing would stop doing this to me and the others.There is a post today buy Helen and someone is doing that b.s.on her post.The point is to change this web site.The more votes we get the better the chance is that these so called trolls will stop playing around and we will then once again have a normal place to go,if we want to talk about Fibro.If your smart you will understand this post.If you try to argue this point then you just might be hiding something.Its all about cleaning up this act.Thanks Debra.


Debra - September 15

Hi:TERESA Well, let me put it to you this way.You like to leave nice messeges for everyone out here and that is great.That is what this fourm is all about.helping one another.Say one day you come out here and someone is saying Hi this is TERESA and i think that you and your post suck and you do not have fibromyalgia.And you know that you did not leave such a rude messege for them at all.How would that make you feel?.And day after day they use your name and say nasty things to the other people out here to make you look like a trouble maker and a sick nut.Honestly how would that make you feel TERESA.I guess that i could use an other name when i come out here,but i choose to use my real name.I have nothing to hide and i dont put people down.This to me is such B.S.We come out here to talk not to fight.


Heidi - September 15

First you say that you want a reply even if it is not a nice one. Then you say "If you try to argue this point then you just might be hiding something". make up your mind. you can't control what other poeple think. I haven't seen a single post from you about fibromyalgia, every one is like this. do you need a lot of attention or something? this whole 'thing' is bizarre if you ask me.


Debra - September 15

Hi:Heidi The point is to have this web site cleaned up and to block anyone that is doing harm it it.It would be great to have an e-mail entry to get onto this fourm.That way whoever starts causing a problem out here the monitors of this fourm can block them for good.And then it would be just like it used to be out here.And by the way if you go through the archives going back about 3 months ago,i was on here just like you talking about fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes.Yes, i was on here to learn about this illness and to help others out here when they needed to talk or vent.It was really nice and i miss that.You ask me if i want attention well,i want the opposite, for people to treat me with respect just as i have treated them.I dont want anyone pretending to be rude and mean to people with the use of my name.This is so stupid that i constantly have to defend myself.For what??What have i done.You think that it was me doing all of that b.s.well then you really are very closed minded.Think about it,if it were me then why would i try to fight so hard to defend myself and to ask to have screening mandatory for this fourm.Please no more.I'm very ill and i dont mean that i'm ill in the head.If any of you were to know how honest and how i have a very giving heart,you would know in a second that someone has really pulled one on me out here.I'm sorry if this bothers you,but i cannot understand why it would.I'd really like to know why so many of you are so blinded to the fact that this is such a twisted mind game that someone has been playing,not only playing with me but with all of you.You let them play you and by believing what they say about me your just feeding them even more.One day all of you will understand what i mean,but until that day come lets try to get along and help one another with this fibro hell that we are all living with out here.Take very good care.Yours truly.Debra


Debra - September 15

Just more more thing Heidi.Where are all of your posts out here????.I have never read any of yours.Thanks


Debra - September 15

Interesting Heidi:::::You leave me a rude messege and then you ask me where are my posts about fibro and so on.Well,it seems that you have none,in fact there does not seem to be a Heidi on here at all.You see people like you are the problem on this site.You have nothing better to do then to cause major problems for me and other people.You just pick and pick at my words.Enough Please and Thank you.


Judy - September 15

well, if people would quit responding to this idiot, she would likely go somewhere else. You are feeding the fires & giving her the power by responding to her stupid comments. Let's try to ignore her & keep this site viable.


Virg - September 15

And what if the real Debra has a legitimate
question and need?


TERESA - September 15

Debra before this all started I read your responses & agreed with most of them. I looked forward to reading your honest & straight forward responses. These others (whoever they are) are not worth wasting your time! I for one want you to get back to giving us your oppinion on our posts. It will become apparent who is not the real Debra by the way they respond! Dismiss them as I do & hopefully they will go away!


JJ - September 15

This site is anonymous. There could be one Debra or many. It could be deliberate or it could be coincidental. You can post all you want saying "I am the real Debra" but no one but you will know with certainty. It is best to drop it and try not to get personally involved in the site. There has been at least one other JJ post that was out of character of my normal posts so I think someone was picking on several different names here to see who would get upset about it. Looks like that is you. It is probably best to not get to a personal level with anyone else here and just share your experience or advice and leave it at that. just my 2 cents....


Debra - September 15

I confess. I finally confess. It has always been me. Me, pretending to be somebody else pretending to be me. I've been posting the bad messages using my own name then posting another message denying it was me and demanding to know who was pretending to be me and doing me such harm. I'm sorry. I apologize. I'm all alone and have a lot of issues grinding at me all the time. I was just hoping to stir up a little sympathy and support for myself, to make some friends and maybe garner some emotional support and empathy so I wouldn't have to feel so all alone and unwanted all the time. I'm sorry. I just needed some love. Forgive me.


Brandy - September 15

I sympathize with the "real Debra" who ever she is. I enjoy this site and will continue to come share with and listen to you all. Thank you for being here.



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