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Supplements and vitamins?
3 Replies
nan - December 24

I have found that taking a magnesium/calcium suppleemt seems to help with my restless leg. I have had to take requip at times but don't now with the supplements. I take klonopin to sleep because even with no restless leg sleep still evades me.

I'm trying some other supplements to help with stomach enzymes. They are probiotic eleven, proactazme and bifidophilus flora. They are to help me properly digest my food and medications so that they actully get into my system and do what they are to do.

Today at the health food store the guy tried to sell me fibrozym. It is a spplement "especially" for fm. It is billed as a fibrinolytic enzyme for tissue well-being. I'm confused though beecuse it says it is for tissue swelling, tenderrness, redness and warmth. It seems to be a shoot off product of Wobenzym. I was just curious if any one had tried it. it is $26. I'm having some buyers remorse. I know that there is actualy no swelling with fm. That made me wonder. The tenderness and warmth yes, but swelling and redness sounds more like inflamation. the pamplet also talked about taking anti-inflammatory drugs for fm and this product replacing them. haven't we established that ant-inflammatory dugs don't work on fm? confused.... If any one has good personal resulst with supplements I'd like to hear them. I just went in to buy more calcium nad magnesium. ugh ...I am working with a nutritionist. I will run thi sby her when i see her after the holidays. just wanted to ask about it here too.

I do have something good to report. The temper-pedic pillow and mattress pad have really helped me sleep better. First I tired the pillow for my tmj and it seemed to really help me so I got the pad to go over my sleep-number mattress. It is amazing. I do wake up less and am not as sore in the morning. Now everyone in the house thinks they need one. It is nice to find something that helps!

Thanks for any input on supplements. Personal exp. good or bad appreciated, but please none of those sales people need respond. I got an overdose of that at the health food sotre already!


Jean - December 23

Hi Nan: Fibromyalgia is not inflammatory. Nsaids will do nothing for this condition. It is good to take a multiple vitamin once daily it helps with what your body is not getting. This condition is finicky and please be very careful about mixing alternative medications and over the counter medications with your prescription medications. These could cause side affects and your doctor should know all that you are doing to ensure your care. Be careful nan, there is no cure for this stuff but it can be controlled. I just let my doctors and I have a few treat me and I seem to be doing alot better after 4 years of turmoil. I hope you Happy Holidays. :)


nan - December 23

Okay Jean , so what you are saying is basically ther is no qucik fix. I've got my receipt and I will take that fibrozyme stuff back. You know sometimes you just want to believe. There are so many people out there with a pill to push! I do think proper nutrition and vitamin supplements do have a huge affect on helping our bodies help us. Exercise and rest are just as important. There are so many pieces to the puzzle. Thanks for keeping it real here. Reading post here have helped me feel lbetter. Your input is helpful. Glad to hear you are enjoying working. Happy holidays!


Jean - December 24

Hi Nan, thanks for your kind words. Stay healthy that never hurts. You have a Happy Holiday too! :)



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