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Suport from a spouse, some insight
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Virg - October 11

Hi to Carrie Lee and others, Fred and I have moved to a place where we wanted to be. I did most of the work,
transactions, planning the movers, packing , moving etc. As I said we are in a good place. Toasted with wine during the sunset.
Now, I did get permission to use his
name when I asked what has been the worst thing he
has had to deal with regarding living with a fibro sufferer. He said it was the spontinaiety He didn't know how I'd be feeling up to do something. That was
the hardest for him. I asked how he dealt with it. He said he learnt to understand and give me time and the choice. I've dealt with good old Fred 24 7 except when I dropped him of at work around 2pm and had to
pick him up around 11 pm (THAT, was a Bitch) He has Hep C and similar pains to FMS. He also has one eye (which is why I drove) This gave him some sympatico with my situation. But no matter how much
I love the guy I still feel I don't think he totally understands the pain .But I'm sure thats because I
cover it up or just deal with it when (sorry guys - are
wimps) No offense to my man or yours you just have to have a sense of humour. And if you have children
and grandchildren,,, spend a brief short quality time with them and explaine that you have FIBERMYALGIA
and basically how it feels and some days you can and some days you can't. Thank God Fred understands that. Oh and we moved so I don't have to
drive him anymore. Ye HAW. you just gottal stop
proving yourself and so does your man/woman /child
and take whatever the day gives you. To all the spouses ,children and friends we do love you. We'd also be hoping each day we could give you more but,please accept whatever we have given.

another day and we wish we could be doing and
giving you more than what we did the other day.
We never planned we'd be like this, heck, we could
come up with many clever ways to do otherwise..

The conversation was fun plesant and insightful.
If you need more questions answered, shucks I'll ask
Fred. And if he get tired of answering (Because we're into politics and astronomey etc) can I come live at your house (chuckle,)


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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