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Sun Sensitivity
19 Replies
mypain - June 20

Here we go again....anyone out there experience sun sensitivity and break out in a rash that itches horribly everytime you get in the sun? Is this a common FM sympton? How do you treat it?


Gabbie - June 20

I'm not sure if fibro causes sun sensitivity, but some medications do. If you are taking some of the meds prescribed for fibro, I'm thinking that may be the cause of the itchy rash from the sun. I would suggest you look into the possible side effects of anything that you are taking, because this sensitivity is not common. You may want to check with your doctor for safety reasons.


solanadelfina - June 21

Speaking of sensitivity, what about when it comes to vision? I've always been sensitive to light, but lately I've needed sunglasses to drive even on cloudy days. As for sunny, well... lots of prayers there. (And I'm going to get it checked out.)


eriey - June 21

I get that too!! It's awful!! I get these random blotches all over my entire body. They aren't so much itchy as just bizarre. The worst is that they cover my face and neck. It's embarrassing. Do you get them on your hands and feet too? I finally had my friend take pictures the last time it happened and I have an upcoming appt I'm bringing them to. You should try and get pics too.
There a different autoimmune disorders that cause sunsensitivity and rashes. I've been told that FM doesn't really cause severe sunsensitivity.


RavenFax - June 24

The only sun sensitivity I experience is vision. I have always been light sensitive but get awful head aches if i am in the sun too long without sunglasses


chaplin - June 24

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I had been in the sun - my headaches have been so bad and have been aggravated more by bright light. My 4 yr old said Mommy you have a sun burn - I was only out for about 5 minutes and it was a really hot sunny day. When I looked at my skin I also had the blotchy spots you are all writing about. I have always been a sensitive to light and burn easily but I had 50spf on and don't usually see blotches like that. I am wondering if it is all the medication I am on or if it is the FM. I will have to look up side effects of my meds.


axxie - June 27

Most of the prescribe medicine you take will give you sun sensitivity and yes, for the eyes. For awhile I was wearing my dark sunglasses inside a store and I was reading the newspaper, and this guy came up to me and was laughing and he says' "Have a hangover" I wanted to take my cup of coffee and throw it at him, instead I ignored him, stupid people. But I've been none to go to the gas station and wear, sunglasses, a mask and gloves to tank the car. Hey, I guess I'm becoming weird, most times I don't need it, I let hubby tank for me.


terilyn - July 3

Yes, very sun sensitive ! But could have to do w/ the erythro tabs I take for Rosacea.


mypain - July 5



mypain - July 5

I too wear my sunglasses in walmart, krogers just about anywhere....cloudy or sunny...I would proba bly go to bed with them if it weren't for my husband (LOL)


mypain - July 5

This actually started three years ago before I was diagnosed with FM. Photosensitivity...a reaction to the rays of the sun...I just wanted to see if it was me or if others were experiencing it too....

Have a great week


mypain - July 5

Vision most certainly....I wear my sunglasses everywhere...


mypain - July 5

Some how I think it is all connected. I could be wrong...but that is my gut instinct....

FM is so new, I don't know if they will ever know the full extent of this disease...


Juliamac - July 6

Oh my goodness - I have always been a sun worshipper, but this year I am having exactly that reaction. Can't stand the hot sun, and my legs are covered in a rash when they are in the sun.
I will check the meds for sure, but I would not be surprised if it was somehow linked to the fibro - there are so many wierd things happening with my body!


kristianang - March 31

Hi, this is kristiana from Hong Kong. I am also having Sun Sensitivity. A large area of rash showed on the chest under neck. ALso, I feel faint and dizzy every time together with mild fever under the sunlight which is very horrible!!!!!!


Jocelyn - March 31

Are you being treated by a specialist? Have you been diagnosed with Fibro? Just asking because sun sensitivity can be caused by other problems.


kristianang - April 1

Hi,Jocelyn . I also have mild SLE, but don't know why i am so sensitive to the sun.....



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