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Sun/Heat with Fibro
7 Replies
m.e. - September 5

Hi, I was in the sun a few hours today watching my son play football. In the past, I loved the heat and sun. I noticed last summer I could not take the heat/sun anymore. I am still adjusting to this crazy illness and just don't know who I am anymore. I have not told many people I have it, and am planning a tropical trip over the holidays. I guess I may have to tell the friend I am going with and not go. Do we ever get better at standing heat/sun with any of the meds we take? I went on Cymbalta within the week. So far okay, but I still felt pain after a deep tissue massage yesterday. Thanks for your response. m.e.


axxie - September 6

Hello m.e.

You will adjust to the sun, but you will never be able to stand for a long time under the glaring sun.

As for going to the trip, yes go, as for people that need to know, you don't have to, but I would just tell them, "understand many people don't understand what fibro is, so don't be offended if they say something crazzy" they are not being malicious they just don't know.

As for the hot sun, when you were young you could stay in the hot sun, just remember, that you just have to visit intelligently. That means, go on trips but bring a sunbrella/unbrella and always have water with you and make sure you eat. Please try to limit your alcohol consumption, that is if you do drink.

As for Cymbalta, let it do it's thing, your body needs to adjust, it takes awhile, but everyone is different. The only other thing, I shall tell you is, make sure whatever pain medication or any medication you take, you should go to drugs interactions, and know what the interaction are, so if you do get one, you won't be alarm.

Good luck and take one day at a time.



pfiinch - September 6

Honestly you need to take the vacation.I had the same probablems and found that it was the best thing I had done for myself.Getting away sometimes it helps you to cope because you have less stress.Just remember some of this in our minds because of the worring all the time.Take a breath and tell your freind and any good freind would be there to help.
I suggest that you intoduce her to this Forum so she will understnd. Makke sure you take your meds and limit yourself to the sun.Use an umbrella so you can still enjoy your vacation.Your freind may not understand completely. yet I think you should have shared this with her before this.
Just as I said take your meds and extra so you don't fear that you will run out.Sometimes we need a security blanket just as a child does.
I will pray for you to go and that you will find releif in this vacation.
Pray is a wonderful source for our father knows what we need he just is waitng for you to come to him TOTALY. I am not a minister or preaching .I have ben BORN AGAIN FOR 1 AND HALF YEARS. I will share with you the miracles he has done for me.
God has taken the burden of my and I had prayed for God to help.He did 6 months later the state took charge of his life.I have prayed for my income to increase and he has brought overtime to me at my job which nobody else is allowed.I have prayed for teaching me to get my daughter and boyfeind off drugs ans he has.I have prayed for my healing and he has, not painfree but to where I have more days that are better than bad.Remeber it took alot of time not over night.Trust me my fellow FM freind.God will set you free if you are loyal and put him #1 in your life.
Have a wonderful trip don't let this steal your life and your fun.You will have a wonderful trip for God is with you always.Blessed is the Lord name and healing his is plan for all of us.Just fellow posters know I am living proof.GO GO GO PRAY EVERY DAY AND AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME AND SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FREIND SO SHE CAN UNDERSTAND.
God I ask that you will help m.e. to fine trust and faith in you and Father may she take this trip and find ralxing and painless days.Take her hand father and guide her threw her pain and build her trust in your love and help her to find relief on her trip and at home or any where she may go.Father I ask that you show the miracles that you have for her and my fellow FM freinds.May she trust in you and find her loyalty lies with you as her #1 in the name of our Father Jesus Christ our Savior Amen.
NOW go freind and pray faithfully and trust in your heavenly father and you will enjoy.You will be releasing stress and that is alot of the pain.


m.e. - September 6

Thank you Sandrivers. Good points on the trip. Cymbalta seems to not be affecting the pain, but has taken some of my recent irritability/anger away with this fibro mess. Thanks as always for listening....m.e.


m.e. - September 6

Pfinch, thank you once again for your prayers and encouragement. I am leaning back toward taking the trip. Will just have to let the friend know. Thanks again and God Bless...m.e.


Fantod - September 7

This is a typical "perk" of Fibromyalgia (FMS). Personally, I am completely heat intolerant. The first hint of humidity or heat and I go crazy. Some peopel have a problem with cold and some are sensitive to both heat and cold. I can not stand heat. It makes me instantly cranky and I feel very anxious. It is always something with this syndrome...


solanadelfina - September 8

Hi, there, m.e. By all means, go and have a wonderful time.

I just went to RenFaire, and slathered on sun lotion and also took many breaks from the sun by sitting in a piece of shade for a while. As was suggested, a sunshade and water are vital to bring with you. (If you can, hit up a grocery and bring along healthy things to munch on.) Also, try staying out of the sun from between ten and two o'clock, when the rays are at their strongest. If you do go out then, take breaks as needed.

Does this friend know that you have it? It'd probably be a good idea to sit down and have a discussion before you go about the fibro and the best ways to keep it under control, so that they know ahead of time what to expect.

Best of luck, and have a great time. Let us know if you have any particular questions about how to handle situations before taking off, and bon voyage! :)


mimosette - September 8

I live in Alabama, and the constant heat and humidity make me suffer horribly.
HOWEVER....since starting Cymbalta, I have had a weird side effect of it not bothering me as badly! I was very worried that the Cymbalta would make it worse, as it does have the side effect of increased sweating,but I have really noticed a change. I actually got chilled with the AC on 68 degrees!
A little bit of sun on your aching muscles can be very relaxing, just don't stay out til you are soaking with sweat. I can get very relaxed on a float in a pool, for instance. Probably more relaxed than anywhere else.
When you have fibro, you NEED RELAXATION !If you find yourself in too much pain, hire a cabana boy to give you a soothing massage . (grins)



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