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17 Replies
Karen - August 14

I am a 44 year old women and a mother of 3 wonderful children. I have lived with FM for years now, many of them undiagnosed. I do take cymbalta for depression. I have a wonderful life, job, and friends. However, lately, I find that I am toying with the idea of taking my life to stop all of this pain. I am a christian woman, who by all accounts, does not advocate suicide on any level, however, I cannot live like this anymore! Do any of you ever feel this badly about this disease?


TERESA - August 13

Please don't do anything as rash as that! I'm also in my mid-forties & have two wonderful boys. They are grown & away from home. I'm divorced & now alone & the boys don't spend enough time with me, but I know that if I were to give in to such feelings that they would be devasted!!! Do you see a doctor on a regular basis? Are you on any other meds? What are your symptoms? There are support groups around. Try to find one in your area. You say you are a christian. Do you have a regular church with a pastor, women's group, and or a prayer group? I know just what your feeling! There are day I think "I don't rememberthe last day I was pain free" then I remember my grandpa , & how he struggled with rheumatory arthrist ALL his life. He lived to be almost 80 & by the time he died he didn't have any joints in he's body that weren't effected or ate away. He never complained even once that I was aware of & I know he was in a LOT of pain (crippled to the point he was bedridden) He's my hero & when I feel down I think of him! Please seek help, talk with others or just do something to take your mind off the pain for a little while, It really does work! Hope this helps!


Debra - August 13

Hi:Karen Please,Please listen to Teresa.God Bless you and may he guide you on the right path of strengh and wellness.Take very good care of yourself.Yours truly Debra.


Debra - August 13

Hi:TERESA That was very thoughtful and kind of you to leave such a possitive messege for Karen.I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather.That must have been very hard for him and for you to see him go through so much.I agree with you,he truly is a HERO.Take care.Yours truly Debra.


SA - August 13



SA - August 13

Hi Karen, I'm 25 and have had FM for several years already. Just the thought of possibly having this miserable pain for the rest of my life robs me of my energy to do anything about it. I can't tell you how many times I've thought of suicide, and although I'm not religious, there's something that gets me through every time. I remember the very few (no more than 2) people who keep me alive; my husband and my mom. I remember how much they love me and I love them. I think about how much more miserable my life would've been without them, even if at times it seems like it couldn't be more miserable.

As I said, I'm not religious, but if your beliefs are going to prevent you from this, then by all means, be more involved. One issue I have is the tendency for religion to make you feel guilty for feeling this way, when it's perfectly normal considering all the suffering you go through.

Go to a support group, a counselor, a friend. You may also want to tell your doctor as some antidepressants as well as other medications, and as an FM sufferror you may be taking many, may increase suicidal thoughts.

The important thing is that you tell someone. Please.


SA - August 13



SA - August 13

Now, when you say you have a "wonderful life, job, and friends", and find it weird that you're thinking about suicide, try to see that disconnect. During one of my sessions with a counselor - who also had FM by the way! - I told her that I was soon to graduate, get married, get a new job. Things supposedly should've been great for me, and yet I was miserable, irriratable, not sleeping, etc. She looked at me and said, "Those new changes are all great, but what do you expect if you're in constant pain. You're depressed." That was the keyword I needed to hear. I was depressed - again... I suppose the antidepressants I had been taking just weren't doing their thing! Not that the ones I'm taking now are, either. Sigh.

I can't say it'll all be better soon, because I know what it's like to be in pain ALL the time. I'm trying to learn to enjoy whatever precious pain-free minutes I have rather than anxiously waiting for the painful ones to come. It's hard.

Remembering the people that I love works for me, please find something that works for you.

My heart goes out to you, Karen.


Tina - August 13

Hello to all.I need to know how any of you can work or do anything having Fibromyalgia.I guess everyones pain is different?.I have pain 24/7 it burns,aches and it feels like i have the worst flue of my life.Also my skin feels like a very, very bad sunburn.My skin is very sensitive to touch and if the airconditioner is on to much it causes sheer pain.And when i'm outdoors and the
wind comes my way it hurts my skin and i feel like i'm going to pass out from the pain.Does anyone out here have the same pain as i do?.please let me know.P.S. I feel like an 80 year old who cannot walk anymore.Thanks...Tina.


Judy - August 13

Karen, Please talk to yoru doctor about your medication I have found in the past that some deprssion drugs can actually be the cause of your Suicide thoughts why i dont know but that did happen to me. they changed my meds several times before they found one that works for me. talk to them and maybe that will work for you. My love for my children, God and my husband are the ones that keeps me sane. pray about it talk to God he will guide you. good luck..


noel - August 13

Karen dont even contemplate it.....fibro is an awful illness, it has taken my career, my social life, my confidence, my sex life. Until i was diagnosed with this i had no idea that someone could suffer so much and receive so little help but your not alone. The only things that keep me going are my wife, my mom and my dog. You have 3 lovely children...imagine the pain and misery they would go through if you suddenly wasnt there. You have to be strong and carry on, for them. Please talk to your doctor and get some help, there are professionals out there trained to help...just ask and if not SHOUT for it. If i and many others can carry on then you can....try and find some positives. If need be post on here everyday and we'll all try and help. Take care


TERESA - August 13

Karen I would still like to hear from you. I asked you several questions yesterday that if you would answer, we here at this site, may be able to help you better.I hope all is well with you today (one day at a time that's the way we must do it) & I hope you reply soon! To Tina your skin condition sounds worrible! Are there any rashes or sores with it? It amost sounds like shingles. That is how I first began this worrible journey. I also know what it feels lie to be OLD before your time or have people say "what's wrong, your walking like an old lady"or "your always sick". It makes me mad that I can't do all the things I use to do. But I still do what I can & on good day I sometime over do it . I must learn to regulate better. Thanks for listen!


Lynne - August 13

Karen, I too have felt the way you feel, but suicide is not the answer. My husband took his own life 4 years ago due to pain and the effects to my life, his childrens lives and his parents lives have changed us all forever. I would rather suffer every day of my life then put others through what I and those that loved him go through every day. Tell your doctor about these thoughts please, the cymbalta may have contributed to these thoughts. My husband was put on prozac about 3-4 weeks before he took his life. Please get help, there are call in helplines or go the the E.R. if you have to. May God Bless you and may you overcome these feeling that you are having.


JJ - August 14

I don't think my pain is as bad as others. My main issue is fibrofog. It does affect my work. I am working part time instead of full time because of it. I also have three children, two are still at home and one just started college.


jerry - August 14

hi karen, please call directory & ask for your local crisis line. they are better equipped to help you there. some of these responses although well meaning are not enough and people even go on to talk about themselves..... we all feel like we can't stand it sometimes, but if you are truly suicidal you need to ask for help NOW.


Nancy - August 14

sometimes the depression meds make you have these feelings please talk to your doctor ask for something different... your children need you.. my husband died and stress causes more pain I did feel like life was not worth living however I look at my children and grandchildren and now think how could I have ever done anything like that.. they need you like mine need me.. try to join a support group.. I am good at talking the talk but when I felt like that I did not share my feeling with anyone and god knows I needed to... I dont believe in suicide either but since I have found this site and people like me it does help to talk about things that bother me... Keep in touch please ...
[email protected]
feel free to email me we can talk and take care


HI Karen - August 14

Most of the people I know that have had Fibro for a long time have thought at one time or another of taking their life. Find someone to talk to. Perhaps your priest, you should talk to your doctor. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that although you stand alone, you are never lonely, there are many of us out here just like you. Take care, Yours in healthy living, Chris2



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