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Suggestions for site
6 Replies
Robin H. - August 10

I am new here, but after veiwing, I think this site has matured and needs some changes.

1. Make sure that each person using this site has a unique name (i.e., there can't be two going by just "Debra". There can be a Debra H., or a Deborah, or Debra1, but there needs to be some distinction.

2. Require participants to sign up and require using a legitimate e-mail address to do so. This won't prevent people from posting with multiple user names, but will certainly cut down on problems.

3. Establish forum rules (some that prevent overt advertising, harrassment, and other problems you are seeing here).

4. Have a moderator to ensure rules are being followed. Moderator needs to have the ability to delete postings that do not follow forum rules.


willa - August 10

tell us something we don't already know...


noel - August 10

another problem with this site is repeat threads, which this before posting would be better and i agree with all that you've said and i have emailed the site editor 3 times now regarding all the issues you have this date i still have no reply


Robin H. - August 10

Sorry for the repeat. As I said I am new here but I am active in other successful forums. I can see that this one was beneficial to some but the problems can be overcome with some moderation. If that can't be done, may be best to lay low for a while or find another forum. There are others out there that are helpful as well even some without moderators that are still successful. Unfortunately, it only takes one to mess up a forum like this. Also, if I particular post seems to be a personal attack or something you don't agree with, for now, I would say just drop it. Don't respond with negative replies and the instigator(s) will get bored and leave.


marge - August 10

can we stop talking about it too? there haven't been problems for days now. geez louise......


noel - August 10

I agree with you robin..if the insults and personal attacks continue then its best to find another forum. I am very surprised at the lack of response from the site editor, very poor way to run a website. Lets hope that your right and ignoring them helps


noel - August 10

This should be discussed, this forum has no policing...the language has been so foul that the homepage should have a disclaimer for under 18's and by the way marge, forums are for discussion



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