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Suggestions for aid passing bowels
6 Replies
PEANUT - August 27

Hi. I have IBS along with FMS and I am easily constipated and the Cymbalta that I was put on exacerbates it yet more. To this point I have found relaxing with a cup of coffee helps me with my 'constitution'. I have been following this regimen in the morning and in mid afternoon and have usually had luck going to the bathroom. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be working very effectively anymore and I wondered if anyone else with this problem has a ritual that works for them. I drink plenty of water, go for a few short walks a day and take Metamucil twice daily and Milk of Magnesia once. These keep my stools from getting hard. They make me feel like going but I can't seem to 'go'. It hurts and most times lately I just pass gas when I feel like going instead of actually 'going'.I will be weaning off the Cymbalta when I see my rheumy as I want to do it properly. I believe that will help some. Help, I can't take this sh#t anymore, Lol


OnaJourney - August 27

Hi Peanut,

I had the problem of constipation from Lyrica and have resolved it by adding psyllium daily. I sprinkle it on my morning cereal/oatmeal, over yogurt; anywhere I can. A bit here, a bit there. You should drink lots of water to push it through. Start with a bit and gradually increase the dosage as it is high fibre and the body has to adjust. I think psyllium is in Metamucil, but this is the straight goods w/o any medicial additives. Also, add ground flax and eat prunes or figs. Good luck and "good going".


OnaJourney - August 27

should say "medicinal". I need new glasses.!


kvc33 - August 28

Try a teaspoon of olive oil. Oil makes things slippery! Don't know what you have tried for the IBS but you really need to get to the bottom of that. Food allergies or ? Low back massage can be helpful.


back2game - August 29

Saccharomyces Boulaardii+MOS is the probiotic I use. I noticed within 1 day that it was going to work for me. It does make me belch more, but considering the alternative, worth it.

Also, taking Cal-Mag Citrate w/Vitamin D. This is imperative for treating the fibro.

Good luck!


Noca - September 1

Take Docusate Sodium 200-400mg BID for minor-moderate constipation, and Senokot 1-2 tablets(then wait 12 hours) for severe constipation. That should easily solve your problem. Both meds are OTC.


January - September 2

OK, here's my two cents….

Try a gluten free diet and stick with it for at least 6 months - see if it helps you, it might. Someone (don't know who) once joked "they call it "gluten" because it's like "glue" going through your intestines.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

Take FiberSmart by RenewLife. A big yellow sun on the bottle. (it has probiotics, FOS and L-glutamine plus some herbs) - check with your pharmacist for interactions, if OK, take a couple caps with glass of water several times a day.

In a.m., swallow one Solgar Chelated Magnesium tablet, and insert Fleet Glycerine laxative suppository in other end.

I'm sure lots of people have this problem now because I think the antidepressants (and other psych. drugs) we are routinely prescribed have this common side effect. So here's another reason to avoid them!

OTC laxative use can sometimes be dangerous. I know people who have made themselves pretty sick by overdoing it - but what are you gonna do?? Hope you find something that helps soon! : )



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