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Sugar addiction...need help...
13 Replies
bbass - March 29

I am a recovering sugar addict...well, I don't know if you can call it recovering, because I am still in the throes of the addiction.
In my younger years, I would eat spoonfuls of sugar. In fact, with coffee, or tea I would add four heaping teaspoons all the time.
So, about ten years ago I tried the adkins diet and about died after being on it for 24 hours. So miserably sick...then I tried the anti-candida diet, which helped me, then began to a very restrictive cardboard diet. No wheat, no sugar...I was able to cut out sugar from my tea, and cut back on my coffee...Was doing ok, but there was very little joy in eating...solely ate to live.
Last spring I started Cymbalta and my sugar cravings were out of cymbalta made me not care. Now I am off cymbalta because of it's side effects and I can't seem to stop eating sugar! I am going on a trip to Hawaii next month, and am scared to be seen in a bathing suit...all the carbs have made my thighs expand...
What can I do to stop this addiction? I feel so good when I eat it, that it's not until the crash that I am bothered...
Help me please
Barbara Bass


tnichel - March 29

Omg! I thought it was me. So it's the cymbalta that's triggering my sweet tooth. It's out of control. Sorry I can't be of more help. I buy sugar free popcicles and eat a lot of fruit for my fix but I'm no match for Brownies,gummies, starburst,sour patch get the point. Lol. Are you concerned about getting diabetes?


ptalana - March 30

I had the same addiction to sweets when I took certain meds, my doc did warn me about this. I remember just shaking my head and saying that wasn't going to be a problem for me as I really didn't care for sweets. Well I don't think it was a month and I was eating every kind of sweet you can think of. I particularly loved sour patch kids and sweet tarts!!!
Shortly thereafter I started having problems with the meds and had to discontinue taking them. It took me about six months to curb my sugar fix. When I craved something sweet I'd eat a bowl of crunchy grapes or an apple instead.


bbass - March 30

]tnichel, I am concerned about getting diabetes, but my blood sugar test is usually great, I think I lean toward hypoglycemia, needing to eat every two hours or suffering irritation, weakness, and irrational thoughts. I really do better eating protein, but like a druggie I love the sugar rush. I can get a sugar rush on grapes, my friends say I act drunk...I am sure hoping that now that I am off the cymbalta I can regain some control...


kvc33 - March 30

I too love sweets, they seem to make me happy. Perhaps there is a vitamin or mineral you are deficient in which is causing the cravings. I think what you are looking for is pleasure, so try to do other things that make you feel good. I love massages and warm baths and aromatherapy. We have found that if my bf taps my feet with his fingers or gently strokes them I feel great pleasure and it reduces my pain. Chewing gum helps to raise serotonin levels which may make you feel better and short walks always calm me and make me feel better. If you are going to eat sweets, have it with some protein as this will help to keep your blood sugar from swinging so wildly. Don't eat a tasteless diet and use spices to to keep your palate happy. I like ginger and cinnamon.


Fantod - March 30

Barbara - My best recommendation is that you see a nutritionist. They should be able to help you understand and break this cycle. There is more going on here than just the sugar problem. I think addressing your diet as a whole may be the key. Take care.


bbass - March 30

Thanks Fantod for the suggestion. I have seen a nutritionist before and she put me on a very restrictive anti-inflamatory diet that was very difficult to keep. Then I started Cymbalta, and I couldn't keep the diet any longer, and it made me feel like I didn't need too anymore. Almost like I had come to my why am I killing myself trying so hard to eat food that is only mildly delicious? Really, Cymbalta made me just shrug, and think ah well, who gives a rip?


Fantod - March 30

Find another nutritionist. It is one thing to be on a restrictive diet. It is another thing completely to get to the root cause and fix the addiction. Realistically, nobody is going to cooperate with someone who is not not reasonable or flexible. We are all human and start out with good intentions. Find another nutritionist who is going to work with you and not dictate the terms of your relationship. Take care.


kvc33 - March 30

Perhaps if you keep a log of what you eat and how you feel afterwards, both immediately and later on you will clearly see your patterns and be motivated to change. Write down how you were feeling physically, emotionally and mentally just before you ate the sugar too. I am more prone to eat sugar when I'm tired, (which is all the time but you know what I mean) lonely, scared or stressed. It really is a source of love and comfort for me and I probably have a treat every day. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have a negative affect on me but if I eat too much it increases my appetite and desire for more sugar.


Canada17 - March 30

It is an addiction and it can be as hard to break at any other addiction, especially because sugar is in so much of what we eat.

If the knowledge that you gain weight when you binge on sugar isn't enough to stave off your cravings, and the fear of diabetes isn't weighing on you enough, consider the following:

New research has shown that people who have a high amount of sugar in their blood are at a greater risk of terminal cancer. It isn't that eating sugar causes cancer. It's that if you have cancer cells in your body, they will feed on the excess sugar, become more aggressive, and harder to treat. They have been able to see tumours growing quicker when they have a plentiful supply of sugar.

Also, refined sugar is no good for FM. I've switched all my sugar to organic cane sugar. While I am not "addicted" to sugar, I certainly do have a large sweet tooth. For me it is a matter of moderation rather than elimination. I've learned what my limits are and do my best to stay within them. I feel it when I don't.

You have to want to break the cycle. Your will power is only as good as you believe it to be. If you think you're going to fail, you will. You need to believe that cutting sugar out of your diet is in fact good for your health, if you don't you'll never be able to quit. It's a choice you have to make and live with. You have to want to quit.


ptalana - March 31

Hi b, thanks for starting this thread as it has given me the push to delve a little deeper on this subject.
I've discovered that between 20-30% of fibromyalgics suffer from fibroglycemia. Sugar cravings accompanied with sweating, tremors, anxiety, panic attacks, heart pounding, faintness, and frontal headaches especially if hunger induced are strong clues to this diagnosis. Having this diagnosis requires following a prescribed diet, to control.
I'm not sure if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it could explain the need/cravings for the sugar.
Hope today finds you well, Patty


bbass - March 31

Thank you Patty, you made me google fibroglycemia, and I found a page with suggestions on supplements to take. One suggestion is alpha-lipoic acid, going to look into that.


Canada17 - March 31

Fibroglycemia - Very interesting! Seems I have a new symptom to add to the list! This explains the sudden craving for Pepsi! I haven't had the problem since I changed my diet but prior to that I would have an intense craving for Pepsi about once a month. I would chug a small bottle of it and then slowly sip on a second one. That would get rid of the craving for a few weeks.

It also explains why I always crave sweet over salty. But, my need for sweet doesn't even border on addiction, I can ignore it and I can quench it by chugging a glass of pure fruit juice.

Thanks ptalana!


tnichel - April 1

Thanks, ptlana I'll definitely be talking to my doc about this. I think I'm having side effects of fibroglycemia. I used to be able to control my cravings but it's been really, really hard lately. I try not to keep anything sweet in the house. But I've bee drinking way more canada dry lately. I think b/c I've been working a lot of o/t and have been so sleep deprived. It takes a lot of effort to avoid the sweet stuff and chocolate and I admit I've been horrible at it. And whomever mentioned sour patch kids...omg! they're selling the monster-size bags at walmart now. It took everything I had to go the opposite direction. lol.

Canada17, you freaked me out with the cancer info but it's good to know. Hang in there guys!



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