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sudden hearing loss
3 Replies
HerRoyalHighness - January 1

Have any of you experienced sudden, permanent hearing loss?


fibromite.u.k. - January 2

Yes, I experienced sudden hearing loss in my right ear in 2009 and have written about this in a thread quite a time back.

I was working on the computer when I felt suddenly dizzy, but very mildly, and my husband said I went very white and he told me to lay down for a little while. When I stood up, I realised that I couldn't hear out of my right ear, but wasn't too concerned as I assumed it was blocked up, even though I didn't have a cold at the time. However, after a rest, it was still very bad and I couldn't hear anything at all.

To cut a long story short, and after visits to and ENT dept and having an MRI scan and hearing tests, it was discovered that the nerve in my ear had just suddenly died. A reason for this was never found and the consultant said it was probably caused through a virus, which seems very odd as I wasn't ill at the time.

I have had trouble in my left ear since childhood and no trouble in my right, yet that was the one that went deaf. It has been a huge blow to me, especially as I love music. It just doesn't sound the same any more as the stereo effect has gone. I can't tell where a sound is coming from either.

I wonder why you are asking this. Have you experienced it too?


HerRoyalHighness - January 5

Yes, I am single-sided deaf after experiencing sudden hearing loss in December 2006. As you stated, they thought it was caused by a virus. I had a severe upper respiratory infection that had cleared up two weeks before the hearing loss, but was healthy when I lost my hearing.

I just wondered if this was common in FM patients, since we have so many bizarre associated conditions.


fibromite.u.k. - January 5

I have often wondered if it is anything to do with having fibromyalgia as like you I was well when it happened.

I have never seen deafness mentioned as an associated condition, but I did see that it can be an associated condition of Lyme disease, and I have sometimes wondered if I have this. I mentioned it to my doctor once and he just said that lyme was hard to diagnose and that we aren't living in a lyme area, which seemed to just be fobbing me off. Even if I am not in a lyme area, that doesn't mean that I have never been to one!

As a child, we had a big field at the back of the houses where I lived and the children used to play in it. At a certain time of the year there used to be sheep and baby lambs in it and sometimes we would pick up the really little lambs and I have wondered if I could have got a tick bite from one. I was a very healthy child (apart from having eczema), up to the age of seven and then I seemed to get every bug going and was never really well again.

We moved house just before I was seven and it has often puzzled me that when we lived in a very old house with no garden to play in, that I was so healthy and yet when we moved to a new house with a big garden in the country, I became so ill all the time. I suppose I shall never understand the reason for all of this.



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