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Stuffy Nose?
5 Replies
bmcgovern - December 8

Every time i eat any food my nose gets stuffy i have to blow it after every meal i eat. I wake up in the morning and have to blow my nose. I don't know why any food i eat does this. Does anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do to make it stop?


Fantod - December 9

I don't think that this has anything to do with Fibromyalgia. I would consult with an ear, nose and throat specialist. And, have you ever been tested for allergies? Take care.


tnichel - December 9

Not sure about it being related to food but what I do know stuffy nose issues immediately disappeared following my first visit to the chiro. He realigned my neck. When I got home. I blew my nose and all this stuff came out my left nostril and I could breathe again. It was amazing! lol. Especially since I was leary of chiropractors to begin with and had been seeing an allergist for years for head issues. I'd give the chiro a shot if the ent doesn't help.


bmcgovern - December 10

I have not been tested for allergies. I will have to do that. My nose gets stuffed up even after eating a sandwich. I have gone to the chiropractor and it has helped my alignment of the spine but has not helped with the stuffy nose. Thanks for the advice.


wenhorse - October 2

I also get very stuffy as soon as I eat. My Interventional Medicine doctor said that they have linked this to fibromyalgia and said that certain deficiencies in our bodies can cause sinus problems which are aggravated when we eat...especially carbs for me! When I eat heavy carbs, I feel major stuffiness and so achy like I've been in a car wreck within 30 minutes. I've had a sinus infection for nearly a year that antibiotics couldn't rid me of; had a normal ct which only showed sinus inflamation, nothing else. Dr prescribed to add tumeric (for joint inflammation) minerals, progesterone to help sleep(pre-menapausal, mind you but I was still borderline low in progesterone) and added a supplement for good fats to my diet (omega 3s etc). I've tried everything...but it does seem like diet effects the amount of fibro pain for me. Just started the new supplements & progesterone...we'll see if it works! Praying it does.


Coffeepls - April 6

Late to the party here, but I have the exact same thing. No matter the food, hot or cold, reg. Or spicy, carbs or proteins, my nose gets stuffy. As I'm eating, not after. Sometimes I can't make it thru the meal without blowing my nose. It's very attractive, I'm sure! Lol! It started in the last year or so. Very confusing.



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